I’ve Been Thinking

Ok thats a scary thought for those that know me, but Ana Lutetia posted an incredible letter by Gwyneth Llewelyn on her blog (click her name to link) and it got me thinking as I said. I had already dismissed the whole trademark thing, deciding that if they want me to do all that work, on each post , I just will have to not mention them lol, mind you I can copy paste it on my slurls doc and just copy paste like i do everything else , it would just add more work to my whopping posts lol.

But then I thought, eek all those wonderful blogs that actualy have those names in their titles, what of them ? I know in blogger you can make your title different from your actual url but if you have to change that too , all those links in thousands of blogs having to be updated to take on the new url ?.

Is it even possible without cost to the owner to even do that? with the paid for sites like Linden Lifestyles as an example, will they want to, and what does that mean for the thousands of archived posts , to me archives are what is so wonderful about blogs, the ability to go back and look at what was in second life and find hidden treasures you may be too young to know about.

What if because of this they lose all that, and there is a lot of pride for some designers who have been blogged too, I have come across profiles in the past with links to blogs that have done posts on them, that means all that is lost too :((. This just keeps getting worse.

What about fashion planet and world of , both of those have SL in the names, would Tao have to spend hours or days redoing all those links to the feeds , argggggggggggggggggggggh, and would he want to ?

Just like the sims it is truly the content creators that arent part of that place that have made this place wonderful, and now they are going to be penalised for promotion, I cant even imagine anyone sitting at a blog and saying today was so thirsty I downed two bottles of Coke®, hell I cant even remember where to get those silly symbols from -new pc.

Then my evil kicked in, and I thought what if we got together and came to a mutual decision of what we could call those things now -hee hee. This is where my brain went.

Second Life = Phils Place

Linden Labs = The Mothership

Lindens = Lab Rats ( ok that one is evil :P)

But you get my point, so it would be today at phils place I went shopping in this FABULOUS STORE called (insert name -your all too fabulous to pick one ) I bought some incredible things and then the Mothership failed delivery, so on contacting the Lab Rats I found out that the Motherships asset servers were bung and Phils Place is updating later today *giggle fits*

Comment please just for laughs even I’d love to see peoples options lol.

xoxo Sasy xoxo