What more could you want today than FREE SHOES! ok maybe world peace and the Mothership to not go down again, but again I say FREE SHOES!

Enktan Gully of Enkythings has released one of my favourite shoes the Talyn in GREY , OMG it gets better doesPublish Postn’t it.

I love this shoe, its suitable for business or pleasure a divine set of pumps and comes in an abundance of colours, but at the moment for Enkythings Group, you get them free, right inside the entrance click to buy for 0L and they are yours woooot.

The other upside to joining Enkythings Group is that once a week he will be awarding 500L voucher for shoes to someone in his group that has his store in their picks, so that could mean MORE SHOES!.

Get on over to Enkythings and grab these incredible Talyn pumps in Grey, and make sure you tell all your friends and any New Residents you encounter.