Got this notecard and it is useful to all

Please if you can take 2 minutes of your time to vote for this you will be doing so much to help stop content theft in SL.

Its a feature request to have a resize only option rather than Modify rights over objects. It would be an extra option available as well as modify.
Currently with Modify rights which are neccessary so you guys can fit poeples work onto your avs people can put malicious scripts inside them to copy the data and basically steal peoples hard work. Modify on Sculpty also allows the easy theft of UV maps. So please if you do anything in SL let it be to vote for this feature and you will be doing so much to protect the work of all your favourite designers!

If you are the owner of a large group in SL then even better send this out to your group thankyou.

Some help for those of you unfamiliar with the Jira on how to vote :-

Step 1 . Copy paste the above Link into your browser

Step 2. Click to Log in with your SL username and password (see attatched image) This is an offical LL Website for dealing with all bug issues and feature requests so you are safe and secure to enter your details.

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