A Valiant isn’t just a Car

Ok in my house it was a car lol, our first car actualy, mum was a late starter to driving and she got given a Valiant (TANK), the back door used to fly open when you turned corners, I almost didn’t make it past ten. But we did love that car, and You are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE Valiant the Mens Clothing Line by Wavie Haller.

The other day when I was at Truths sim, writing that whopping great big post, I was chillin by the fountain and watching the people TP in and out, ok I was trying to write, but I get sidetracked easily lol. Anyway, this guy TP’d in, and I know some of you know this and some don’t, but I used to manage a store that sold lots of menswear in SL , and RL actually.

So I was interested in this guys look as soon as he rezzed, first thing that caught my pisces eye was his necklace actualy, then his shirt and wooohoo it had a prim pocket *grins evily* so I went into inspect on his shirt and necklace and realised oooo same creator, but wait OOOOO its HIM!.

I was very impressed, then more so when his partner TP’d in and she was dancing up a storm lol, her names Ruby, and they make such a cute couple. I didn’t say anything but did copy paste his name somewhere for later reference-mind you of course I have no clue where. But last night when I was taking some pics I remembered Wavie and Ruby and looked him up by memory, thank goodness not many Wavie’s in SL and only one partnered to a Ruby :o).

I TP’d over and to my despair his store was closed for renovations BUT DAYUM! what incredible renovations, oh and of course he did the building too -muttters about too much talent. I IM’d him and told him I stalked him lol – pays to be honest when your doing such things. We had a chat and I found out that his store was opening today, and so I could make you all drool he was kind enough to drop some goodies on me.

Ladies not only are you going to want to dress your men in Valiant you are going to want to ‘borrow’
half their wardrobe once you do, they are no transfer though lol so you will have to buy them yourself, or of course charge your man a finders fee lol.

This first combo is the Incredibly Hot Long Gentleman’s Coat, a stunning use of prims and texture to make this long coat that has the awesome undone belt and OMG toggle buttons, aren’t they adorable.

There are two fits to the coat prims but alas none small enough for me :o(, I did mention that to Wavie though so you never know what might happen in the future with those, they are mod though but you would have to edit seperate parts, and I don’t have good enough skills for that.

The pants are the Grey Executive Pants, which I love for many reasons first of all that they are grey, and secondly the style is yum. A very distinguished but stylish combo, the shoes are the City Walk by ShinyThings, which I just adore as mens dress shoes, and they come with socks lol. The hair is Tynan by Diversity hair, one of the newest mens styles and super cute.

This is a look for a night out, without being too formal but definitely stylish.

This next look you can “Borrow” :P, This is the Open Leather Bikers Jacket, and its delish, Wavie definitely has an incredible assortment of jackets as you will see and so worth getting as many as you can.

I loves the detailing on this jacket, the open look works fab for with or without shirts, the sculptie cuffs and the collar fit well for either size avatar.

The jeans are the United Jeans, fantastic torn and sewn up again jeans with great pockets I adore, you will see why in a pic coming up, they have a great worn in look and the colour of the denim is fab.
The hair is Nigel hair again by Diversity hair and one of my fav mens styles, I am still nagging for the female version to happen. The Pullback is by ETD and Im not even sure if its still called that, it was couture originaly and then that changed, but either way its a gorgeous style.

I am wearing the Red Bomber Bikini underneath from Renegade, by Kaejo DaSilva, I love his bomber sets, and there are wonderful colours to choose from with skirts and leggings as well, and he looks fab in it himself lol this post killed me.

The adorable shoes are the Polina shoes by Dela, incredibley chunky clog style wedges, the colours are beautifully rich, and the contrast of red and black in these ones works a treat. I love the strap across the foot and the buckle detailing on these, over all with spring on its way these are a Must Have.

This next combo is what Wavie was almost wearing the day I inspected him – lol it sounds so grotty. This shirt is called the Ruby Striped Ripped Pocket Shirt, and I so want to know the story behind that.

The style is gorgy and the torn pocket just adds some fun to the whole look. The detailing on the top of the shirt is lovely too with asian characters near the collar.

My favourite part to this shirt is the un-tucked finish, that belt you see isn’t actually part of the pants at all, its actually part of the shirt, HOW COOL IS THAT!, it adds great finish again to the United Jeans.

The necklace you will see better in another pic , is the one that I zoomed in on…and its adorable…BEGS for a Girly Sized one. More Incredible shoes from Dela, are the =Jape Stern= Shuzzle Boots, how cute is that name. The style of these is great, and the overall sculptie work is just divine, colours and textures look like really soft suede, me loves, Dela has a great range of Mens shoes/boots so you need to go and check those out, DEMO’s available also in all colours which is fabulous.

Another incredibly popular mens style from Diversity hair is Chad, over and over I used to say ‘It’s all about the Chad’ because so many New Residents would choose it as their free hair of choice, and I actually said it so many times out loud I even remembered where the line was from…do you know 😛 ? – write it in comments if you do lol.

Ok now a dressy uppy style I can “Borrow” WOOOT. This is the fabulous Double Breast Cardigan, and I love this so much. The style is gorgeous and the texture divine velvety yummyness -probably isnt velvet at all but has that look to it.

The style is as I said GORGEOUS! and looks incredible dressy, or casual, The cuffs and collar fit well again on both sexes -thank goodness or I’d cry.
Coming up to winter for me I am going to love wearing this Cardi, and the other fab thing about it is the great openness of the collar , so that scarfs and what not show beautifully.

The jeans are the United jeans, but I am wearing Jeans from Dela, which are the Forina jeans, really beautiful dark style denim, that kind of has an old aged look to it without being too worn looking – ok that made no sense really but like sepia does to pics . I am also wearing Devon Boots from Dela, these are divine ankle boots, with gold or silver zipper options, fabulous wedge heel, which isnt overly common in ankle boots like this one and just looks great. The texture again is amazing and they fit well to the ankle so prim cuffs on pants fit over them well.

The hair I have on is the Catherine style from AOHARU, a really lovely shaggy short cut, and on SALE at the moment for only 60L.

The Zipped Biker Jacket is another great “borrow”lol, again the leather is done superbly, and the detailing of the fastenings is really cool, looks great again with or without a shirt, I opted for without because I could :P.

Worn over a moderno shirt, the jacket has a casual feel to it but depending on your mood could be dressed up easily. The necklace is the Beach Rock Tooth necklace, and you can see in the pic close up that the detailing on this necklace, and why I must have it; is just YUMMY! – Begs again.

I am wearing the Tabbypunk hair by CopyKat, hee hee this hair is too cute.

That headband even has bling, which is so funny as its so urban and the contrast of bling and urban is like too many degrees of seperation lol.

The shoes are Digit Darkes biker boots without the uppers.

A bit more preppy is the Striped Sweaters and Shirts, all on same layer but all layer options, these can again go from casual day to semi-dressy evening.

The colours are rich and lovely and again Wavie has done my favourite belt part at the bottom of the untucked version, this really is a unique way to finish off this look.

Its those finishing touches that really jump out at you at Valiant.
The boots are the Jape Stern Tucker boots from Dela, in brown and smoke shown in the close ups , again details and texture are great on these and the fit is wonderful, also of course removing uppers means they fit snugly under pants so you get shoes look and boots in one.

I love love love this nautical combo – even if i couldn’t fit the prims to my legs :P, *tries to remember this is about him not me .

Either way the Skulled Jean Shorts were my first choice in the pants section, they are gorgeous and whats not to love, you have skullies, 3/4 length shorts and did I mention Skulls yet ?.

I love how the cuffs are actually made on these, again its all about details. Not just a rolled up look, but actual clipped holders on the sides as you would love to have RL so they didnt keep unrolling…LOVE THAT!.

You can also see the Beach Rock Anklet and Bracelet which I sooo stole, that one I was able to make look a little not so big . The anklet attaches where the cuffs do so you might need to play with that , and unlike me dont attach to the upper leg because it doesnt move with you then .

I also adore the Frey White Sports Jacket, this is definitely a real sporty-mans jacket, its been through some hard knocks and still looks heavenly and soooo warm and snugly, great for days spent sailing , again a superb fit on us girly girls, and dont we just look so north shore like in this pic , all that matchy matchy look that rich people do *giggles* I guess north shore in the states would be Marthas Vineyard or the Hamptons, anyway its fun and fab.

I have on the Pink Bomber Bikini top from Renegade, love the shading on these and the rich colours. The hair is Jess the 1L fat pack at Diversity hair, which is just a fabulous ponytail and a barrrrrrrrrrrrrrgain.

Lastly, and then you can go buy up everything at Valiant, is the Open Bomber Jacket, its Grey *WIN* its Hot *WIN* and it fits Girls *WIN WIN* -any one else hear pinball sounds then.

Another fantastic style jacket, as they all have been, this one has wonderful shading and the lighter colour allows you to mix layers of greys and blacks really well with it.
With all these incredible jackets why would you ever wear shirts again lol.

The pants are the executive pants, which again look fantastic in this combo, and I am wearing the Tank by Popfuzz in black, only one of us could go shirtless, don’t want to fog up the screen – lmao even I cant believe I said that lol.

My hair is Samantha by AOHARU , and the shoes are the Polina again in black from Dela.

The skins worn: Male MMS-Pale-b-shaved from Minnu Model Skins , and Me in Liquid Skin Fudge Smoke Spice by Arcane

Ok so Valiant is open today and the build as I said is DIVINE , spacious and stylish, you will love shopping there, and TP in every guy you know because I am sure they will appreciate the heads up, as fabulous Mens Fashion like this is too rare in SL, and if you ever see Wavie and Ruby you wont have to inspect him now, I saved you the trouble and Ruby moves too much to inspect lol .

have an awesome day

xoxoxo Sasy xoxo

Always thankful for:

Essentia for my Beautiful Hair Roses and Jewelry many pieces of which I have watched being made, and had the pleasure of wearing first as they are custom fit to my shape-I’m blessed.

Nuclear Boutique for my lovely Lashes that I wear when I think of it and because Ari is awesome.

My Posestand is by VR and available on OnRez HERE!, not only does it have hide/show, but also has 3 options for changing poses, lights built in you command on/off in chat, and it rezzes a prim sphere around you that allows you to turn your camera 360 degrees and take pics without moving your stand, the sphere also changes colour on chat command too, its brilliant!.

Poses and Stands always used by me while taking pics, even if some end up on cutting room floor:
Digital Dragon Designs
Pixeldolls Empire Dress AO poses
Happy Dispatch
[LAP] Long Akward Pose

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و تمام مجوزهای دسترسی را فعال کنید.
در این مرحله وارد بخش “Accessories” شوید و با زدن
بر روی “Add Accessories” دستگاه خود
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آن می‌توانید نام و مدل تلویزیون
خود را انتخاب کنید. نوع اتصال مورد نظر را انتخاب کرده و بر روی Cast ضربه بزنید و منتظر
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اگر گوشی شما به درگاه تایپ C مجهز
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برای دانلود قانونی کتاب 27 چهره‌ی مردانو دسترسی به هزاران
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کتابراه را رایگان نصب کنید. مرد آلفا سعی نمی کند بر جمعیت قدرت بگیرد و به
قدرت و حیله گری متوسل شود. حتی با توسعه
نیافته توانایی های فکریقدرت جذابیت طبیعی آنقدر بالاست که اجازه نمی دهد در اقتدار آن
شک کرد. یک نماینده زیبا باید عاقل تر، باهوش تر و قوی تر باشد، اما آن را نشان ندهد.

عقب نشینی برای مردان آلفا هیچ معنایی ندارد و حتی اگر در طول مسیر رسیدن به اهداف خود زمین بخورند، باز هم بلند شده و با پشتکار برای رسیدن به هدف خود تلاش می‌کنند.

اما اگر شما یک مرد آلفا نیستید، می‌توانید با پرورش دادن
خصوصیات این مردان در خود، کم کم خود
را به آنها نزدیک کنید و حتی
یک مرد آلفای واقعی شوید. در این ویدیو پنج شگرد را
به شما نشان می‌دهیم که با انجام دادن آنها دیگران شما را یک مرد آلفا خواهند دید.
برخلاف مرد آلفا، تیپ شخصیتی گاما اصلاً
تلاشی برای راضی نگه‌داشتن اطرافیان خود نمی‌کند و اصراری بر پیروی از
قوانین ندارد. ازآنجایی‌که این افراد
همیشه دنبال بهترین حالت ممکن هستند، تصمیماتشان را هم بر
همین اساس می‌گیرند. گاما را می‌توان ترکیبی خوب از انواع تیپ‌های
شخصیتی مردان دانست. این تیپ از اشخاص را
با چند ویژگی مشخص می‌توان از دیگران
تشخیص داد.
اما امروز مردان آلفا با اعتماد به نفس واقعی، ارزیابی صادقانه
نقاط قوت و ضعف خودشان توصیف می‌شوند.
تلاش برای رسیدن به موفقیت وسیله‌ای برای رسیدن به خودشیفتگی و فردگرایی نیست.

اگر میخواید بدونید اون انرژی مردانه ای که یک زن تشنه شه دقیقا
چیه و شامل چه رفتارها و ویژگی هاییه، همشو تو این کلاس
تدریس کردیم. ۱۳۰ نکته از ویژگی های ظاهری بگیرید تا رفتاری و شخصیتی، بحث سلطه، غیرت، مراقبت گری و هرچیزی که نیازه تا شما رو تبدیل به یه مرد واقعی کنه.

اگر بخواهیم برای مردان گاما یک ویژگی مشخص در نظر بگیریم، علاقه آن‌ها به ماجراجویی
در کتابراه برای همه سلیقه‌ها از داستان، رمان و
شعر تا روانشناسی، تاریخی، علمی، موفقیت
و… همچنین در کتابراه هزاران
کتاب رایگان نیز قابل دانلود است.
اپلیکیشن کتابخوان کتابراه برای اندروید، IOS و ویندوز در دسترس است.

یک مرد آلفا غالب و تاثیرگذار است
و طبیعتی برونگرا دارد. این مردان با شخصیت کاریزماتیک خود زنان
را جذب کرده و در مقام اول سلسله مراتب
اجتماعی قرار می‌گیرند.
یک مرد آلفا یک خصوصیت بارز و اولیه دارد و آن رهبر بودن وی است.

مردان آلفا به طور ذاتی خصوصیات رهبری و لیدر بودن را در خود
دارند ، افرادی هستند که دیگران از آن‌ها الهام
گرفته و یا به آن‌ها حسادت می‌کنند.
این‌ها‌‌ همان مردانی هستند که همه افراد بشدت جذبشان می‌شوند و نکته این‌که مردان آلفا، بدون هیچ‌گونه تلاشی در مرکز توجهات جمع قرار
می‌گیرند، یا به عبارتی دارای شخصیت کاریزماتیک

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