NEW GROUP for Fashion Show fans and people involved

Valerie McDunnough, Alaska Metropolitan and Eria Ziemia have joined ranks in bringing a NEW Group to the Grid, its idea is that all people in Modeling Agencies and Events people join the group and all those that love going to shows around the grid join up, and Managers and Owners of Agencies ask to be added as the representative for each agency, so they can send notices. Only the ones invited to send notices will be able to post info on shows – so do the right thing in that regard please.

Group to Join is called …. Fashion Show Fan’s Unlimited

INFO from the Group:

***Group Entry (Idea)
This is an open enrollment group for those wanting to keep informed about the best fashion shows in Second Life, produced by the many professional Agencies across the grid. Never again miss a Fashion Show because you didn’t read certain publications in time or follow all the fashion blogs.
Owners of Fashion Agencies in SL that hold shows, can contact the group founder or one of the Co-Operators about rights to post notices about your shows and more specific information.
This group is only for announcements concerning upcoming fashion shows, any other kind of message will be regarded as spam and may result in ejection.

Mission Statement –
This would strictly be for announcing upcoming fashion shows. I think an open group with limited ‘powers’ would be great for getting the word out to people that enjoy fashion shows but seldom come in contact with the ever-growing magazine market or blogs. I myself do not have time to keep up with all the blogs and try to keep up with the more recent magazines. This group should also appeal to bloggers/magazines providing up to date info on coming shows.
This is an open group for entry level, whom we shall call the ‘fans’, be they normal attendee’s, reporters or whatever catagory they might fit in. Entry level would only be able to recieve notices. The proposal aspect and IM channel would not be used at all. Every qualified agency can have 2 members promoted to a position where they can post notices about their particular agencies upcoming shows. One notice can be posted in advance then one notice right before the event was to start.

Valerie McDunnough
& Eria Ziemia


This doesnt just seem like an information group to me, but would also be an incredible Networking tool for the industry as a whole, so if you have group room and this is your cup of cocoa JOIN.

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