Laynie & S.Y.D Grand Opening

The Grand Opening HERE information is pretty clear on the adorable invite created by Laynie Link and Teagan Blackthorne, two incredible women who have been friends for over ten years in RL now- bet you didn’t know that did you.

In those ten years they have been through some incredible things, supporting each other etc , and while today is supposed to be a joyeous occasion its a bit marred by the fact that someone decided that their own beliefs were greater than decency and compassion for others.

I had the pleasure of blogging Vanessa a long time ago on Appearance Mode– I went by and got my old pic lol – it is still one of my all time favourite Laynie-Wear dresses as its not only beautiful but so versatile. Some (censored) person has decided that because Laynie is extremely giving of her time and creativity to help others, that they would pay that back by stealing her creation and flooding the grid with it.

What they have done is, well there are no words really because its beyond comprehension to me that anyone could be that foul. But the good news is that Laynie has put it in her store for free and the Kiosk remains there for people to make donations to Autism Speaks a charity that many are getting behind… so I urge you not only to attend this great occassion today, but to get the Vanessa dress and dig deep for the cause.

xxox Sasy xoxo