I like many bloggers was fortunate to get a special delivery from Canimal Zephyr today, and it was so exciting to be able to not only receive items from her, but to also go to check out the NEW Canimal build-as I hadn’t had the chance yet.

I didn’t leave empty handed, and actualy I ended up returning much later in the night to grab one last item that had been niggling at me all day. So todays post is a mix of the incredible Essence Skins and some great clothings from Canimal and some other incredible designers.

The first outfit is the stunning Rebel Yell dress, and yes I have been singing Billy Idol for about 16 hours now-and its driving me a bit batty I must admit.

I stood there gazing adoringly at these dresses – since I use cam to shop I really hope I wasnt gazing at anyone in particular at the same time, I usualy end up in a corner with my nose in the wall while I shop, even more fun when with others and you say ‘do you like that one?” and they think you are losing your mind.

There are lots of funktastic colours to choose from in this dress, and I decided that if I was going to do wild animal print, then I was going to be adventurous – silently praying that the incredible Estella shoes I knew came in green were the right green.

The dress comes with both the micro mini and the flex skirt option, Canimal though does do her micro a little different than the usual loincloth flap front and back, so that its a bit more of a flipped skirt. This dress once on screamed SNOG ME! and I was off to find SNOG ME Hair…and my dreams were answered with this totaly snoggable hair by booN called HNB27 – you weren’t expecting that were you lol- this hair is wicked and look how perfect it goes with Rebel Yell.

Ok so what is a Snog I hear you ask, welllll in downunder land its a Pash…and in up there and over land its when you kiss so long your face is starting to chafe from his stubble, your hair is so tangled from either rolling around in the grass, or being pinned up against some cheaply upholstered booth in some sleazy dive that its causing static cling to everything.

In otherwords a Snog/Pash is heaven on a stick, and like I said you couldn’t get much more perfect hair than that one to show it, also if you are going to go out on the town in Rebel Yell, its definitely a must, because if that dress doesnt get you a good snog; then you are going to the wrong places.

Ok so the Estella shoes by Tesla are so YUMMY, I mean look how divine they are with their chunka chunka platforms and their delish bows at the back, I had to show you in the black and the lime green so you could see how brill both go with the dress.

All that 80’s music running through my head lead me to the gloves, ok one song over and over but you get the point. In the 80’s it was a huge thing here to wear long formal gloves with itty bitty dresses, don’t know whether it was to fool our parents into believing we were covered more than we were or if it was that we were stylin, either way it was fun.

The Leather Gloves are from Fleur and you get three lengths in each colour pack, short-medium and these long ones, thanks to my winnings at the opening I got to get most of the colours YAY thanks again C.J and Roslin.
I am also wearing the Jade set by Essentia in that gorgeous jade green necklace and earrings, with the tiniest prims making up a beaded fall from the middle of the necklace and the earrings, that just seem to shimmer when worn against the skin.

This next item from Canimal is this darling Patches Skirt , the new build has these market bazaar like stalls in the landing area, and a few are set to sell items and some aren’t lol which is enough to draw you into the store itself…but this beauty was set to sell and I just had to have it even before full rez.

The other day when I shot the vintage tee’s from lavish style this is the exact thing I was wishing I had, in either a long version or even better PANTS! Canimal make me pants like this PLEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASSSEEEEEEEEE! This skirt is just gorgeous, the beautiful colour choices of the patches of fabric just go so well together in their earthyness. The style is just flippy fun and the length is adorable.

Fishing around for something to wear with wasn’t hard at all. Straight to Maitreya folder for the soft and delightful Mirli sweater in brown, and then the yellow tank that goes with for underneath. If you don’t have the Mirli sweaters already in any colour you really need to invest in some, not only is the style Unique to SL- well it definitely was at the time they were released, not sure about now.

The fantastic way Onyz twisted the fabric at the back to make it open but designed beautifully is not the only draw to it, but the incredible texture itself is so soft looking and the glove extensions make it just perfect for wrapping yourself up in and having others want to wrap themselves around you.

The boots were a no brainer as well, they are the fabulous Pinson boots in Bistre from Enkythings which I actualy have as the L in my logo, so they may look familiar, these were also unique to SL at the time, as they are full prim and so close fitting they are superb…they come in a huge assortment of colours and have additional sizes included and sexy walk attachments as well….Enktan has also included the sounds in all his creations BUT its a HUD so you can wear it with all your shoes or not wear it at all.

The Geometry necklace is by Stephania Marx and she doesnt sell in world right now, but this style was perfect so it gives you an idea of what you might want to accessorise with.

Now again for the fabulous booN store, not only is that another gorgeous hairstyle that I coudnt resist called KRC02 , but I also have on those stunning Sunglasses BF1.6 that not only come in three different attachments, on nose to wear, tucked into hip for pants holding and cleavage as well lol so you look like you would in RL with your sunnies when you dont want to put them away.
They also come with colourchange in a click and dropdown menu, and they are all a delish tortoiseshell texture. I of course opted for Dark Brown to go with the outfit and the stunning chocolate texture of the hair-ok now when you buy these you are going to see that you shouldn’t wear the sunnies with the hair coz the bangs poke through a little BUT I COULDNT RESIST SHOWING YOUUUUUUUUU!.

I also have on the Round 2 bangle set from booN that was only some crazy 30L price and came with three different textures and attached to both wrists options, so you get six bangle sets all up, and they are mod so I was able to tint the plane ones a darker brown and still keep the rich look of the original texture.

I mentioned up top that I went to Canimal and then had to return later on, this is true and this is why. The Lust Corset is sold seperately of its incredible full lingerie set, and I want both the pink and the red full sets eventualy lol but had to go back and get the Red and Pink corsets for only 50L each or it would have driven me crazy wanting them.

We all embraced the pixeldolls corset style belts recently, and well thats not such a new concept to me or many, and its why I get upset when creators only make corsets on the underwear layers.

I read a funny post the other day about the Last Call Sale items, and how they had bought so many and werent wearing them, but should be proud etc- and I know how that is when I am going somewhere really special I pull out old Dazzle – anyway, people are wanting to wear their Last Call but wanting to still look a little different doing so, and this is the perfect way to still keep the Last Call stylish lines, but add a little something something thats equaly divine.

I have on the top and low waist pants from the Ingrid set, and then of course added the Lust corset by Canimal and Voila, a splash of vivid burgundy and you have a whole new outfit that is just gorgeous. The hair is again the KRC02 by booNbut in the Mat colour that also comes with the Chocolate in the pack, I was so excited that my two favs were in one pack.

boo Nakamura of booN doesnt have alot of hair out yet, but enough to keep you wanting more, and there are also some fab fun Mens styles there too so make sure you take your partner/buddy with you when you go, there is also Mens and Womens clothing and Accessories so well worth the look around as the build is divinely layed out and large enough to spend a lot of time in.

With this outfit as its a perfect neckline enhancer I am wearing the beautiful Casablanca Jewelry set by Essentia, as well as all the Hair Roses I wear in every post :o) Casablanca comes in Gold and Silver and is heavenly. The stunning shoes you cant really see but they are there and the most gorgeous rich burgundy as well so they are perfect to wear with this combo, they are the Serpenti shoes in Sangre by Adam n Eve’s Damen Gorilla .

Now more about the incredible Essence Skins by Canimal… In all the clothing Pics I am wearing Essence (Mystery)..of Simplicity and its just gorgeous, the tones are all named after female traits which is just beautiful to think that we as women share those wonderful and inspiring qualities. Charisma , Grace , Charm, Lust and Mystery- giggles at Lust because we are sooo nawty, if men only knew lol.

I wanted to also show the incredible make up options of the skins and I did that in the other pic, showing you in no order at all lol.
One thing I came to realise while taking all these pics, is that there is a kind of youthful glow to the skin, a clean healthy living kind of look to it, that even though you may wear alot of make up, you are still making sure to drink lots of water and use a good cleaning product lol.

That was also my realisation is that even though its youthful its a mature youth , because when you are realy young you cant ever put on make up that well.

The other exciting things about these NEW Essence skins is that the eyebrows and lips are modify, not only can you change your brows colour to suit your ‘Natural’ hair colour- giggles- but you can also change intensity of lipstick and lipgloss also, and if that doesnt rock your world then the fact that Canimal has included 5 eyebrow options should, because defining the shape of your brows is touch work and I love all the alternatives they really change the way you look in the skins, and those are actualy included in the Demos too.

As well as Skins Canimal has been making New Eyes, which are the Essence Soul Eyes and as the saying goes they are the windows to your soul.

They are very realistic looking with the colour of the white area and the veiny effect, and most of us usualy opt for very white which can look a bit strange depending on the size of your eyes. These are an alternative and the colours and reflective shine to them are lovely.

So make sure you go and get all the DEMOS you can of the NEW Essence Range from Canimal, and take a gander through her NEW build as the clothing is awesome.

xoxox Sasy xoxo

Always thankful for:

Essentia for my Beautiful Hair Roses and Jewelry many pieces of which I have watched being made, and had the pleasure of wearing first as they are custom fit to my shape-I’m blessed.

Nuclear Boutique for my lovely Lashes that I wear when I think of it and because Ari is awesome.

My Posestand is by VRFetish and available on OnRez HERE!, not only does it have hide/show, but also has 3 options for changing poses, lights built in you command on/off in chat, and it rezzes a prim sphere around you that allows you to turn your camera 360 degrees and take pics without moving your stand, the sphere also changes colour on chat command too, its brilliant!.

Poses and Stands always used by me while taking pics, even if some end up on cutting room floor:
Digital Dragon Designs
Pixeldolls Empire Dress AO poses
Happy Dispatch