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    Another fine item at Call for Couture is this LBD, the skirt has that fullness that is achieved by letting the flexi prims sit atop a system skirt. Not a new concept for many of our veteran designers, but one that may not have been seen as an option by newer ones. Give it a whirl, as you wont be able to stop yourself.

    The outfit is the Pret a Porter item from Chantkare, it is designed as an all in one look, but has been put together well enough to wear as individual pieces, which is always a bonus when buying such a bold look, as you don’t want to be only able to wear it once.

    The Bracelet I am wearing is from AlaMood Boutique, one of their Jewelry Fair items, and I am sure will also be available in the store, as nothing was really mentioned about exclusives at the fair to my knowledge, so yay. The monotones work really well with this dress, but would also make a great addition to colour.

    The hair I have on was the SLink released during hair fair, I really like this style, it is made well across the shoulders falling on both front and back, and not going into the shoulders, then again I think that may depend on shape, so be sure to demo demo demo.

    I am wearing another Exodi skin Isolde Cachet, with hair base on as well, so many options in these skins, freckles, cleavage, light and dark brows, as well as tattoo hair bases in your base colours. The make ups are lovely and there is a huge selection. So again, Demo Demo Demo.

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    Picture :

    Hair: Genevief – SLink

    Skin: Isolde Cachet – Exodi

    Clothes: LBD – Chantkare @ Call for Couture

    Shoes/Boots: Crush Heels – Orage Creations OC

    Accessories/Jewelry:  Dare Eclipse Eboni Bracelet – AlaMood Boutique

    Lashes – LeLutka

    Eyes by : Fusemelon

    Poses by : Oracul, Gesticulate

    Equipment Used:

    VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck

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    Something Old, something New, something borrowed – but I’m keeping them – Something blue. Ok, ok nothing is borrowed, but then I wouldn’t have gotten to do the whole saying. The something old is the Sexy Sexy dress I am wearing in the first pic.

    The something New would be the skins and the clothes in the rest of the pics, and the something blue, which is also new would be the store I got that smokin 3 in 1 silk dress from,  but also my favourite make up, and my new earrings that are just DELICIOUS!.

    I have to admit that until Athena Loring came into my life – Miseria owner- I had never really been all loopy over cuteness faces before. But have you seen her vendor ads? she is too adorable and sometimes even two times – her cami ad kills me. So a while back I went to the then Vive 9 clearance Sale, and got me some skin lovin.

    Now tomorrow, or technically today there is going to be a revealing of the New skin line Marianna which I am showing here now. It will be released later today in a brand new Vive9 store , so exciting I am sure for the creators behind the brand.

    The make ups on Marianna are just glorious, not only the fun names, but the incredible depth of shadow and lipstick that comes with them. Now of course there isn’t just incredible make up, there are also the different versions you get with each one. First off dark and light brows. Then of course Freckles, which then brings us to the teeth.

    TEETH on skins ? we all know we have them inside of our mouths, but these ones are actually done on the lip itself to give the illusion of a partially opened mouth. Very cool effect if you have the right shape for it, front on I can get away with it, but side on due to the fullness of my lips, I cannot. But it is a marvelous feature for fun pic taking, and really setting up an ideal shot.

    The other feature I would have to say is the body, just gorgeous, and the back and bum most of all. So much so that Licentious had to come out of hiding. When a skin maker makes you a bum this good, the least you can do is wear next to nothing, and this dress is that hands down.

    The next two outfits are just perfect for my vintage and pinstripe love. The Ratpack collection from Chantkare is a delight, especially the first set, that dress is gorgeous, my only dismay comes from the fact that the upper portion is all on one layer. I can live with it, but I would so love the grey dress to be separate from the white blouse, to allow for more mixing and matching. But a perfect pencil dress, and the bum shading is wonderful.

    Chantkare has a whole store of fabulous creations, and totally a must to shop at for high end fashion. I really like the tailored looks I have seen being released from there lately. With the different colours in this look, you can totally appreciate shoes like the Digna boots from Kalnins,with the ability to change textures with the hud, you can coordinate your look pulling it all together. These boots are so cool, with the double strap wrap look, that really do go so well with the whole ensemble.

    I was checking out a store for What’s New SL tonight, and came across all sorts of delights, the first being the stocking pack that is a BARGAIN, actually the whole store is. Second was the gorgeous Silk Mini , that is actually three dresses in one, three different upper portions in the most beautiful texture. How sexy is that back in one of the versions.

    Wearing the incredible Gladiator Boots from Anexx and the wavy hair from Magika, I was feeling all in charge and fabulous. I am loving the latest release from Essentia, the Deluge earrings are so beautiful with their opalesque texture and unique design, I love big earrings for the win.

    I am so glad that Fiachra is back and making Jewelry, also back and making Jewelry is Wednesday Soon of Woo’s , her oversized beads are too much fun, texture change for more versatility and just lovely.

    Showing the tones available in the upcoming skins, I am wearing the lovely ribbed lingerie – for your pleasure – by Dutch Touch.

    Picture 1:

    Hair: Ghost – Lamb

    Skin: Marianne [tan] Piplup -Clean/NoTeeth *darkbrows – Vive 9

    Clothes: Licentious Dress Red – VR Foundry

    Shoes/Boots: Thigh High Boots – J’s

    Accessories: Ruby Estate Earrings – Sue Stonebender (old Relic)

    Eyes: (vive9) Marianne Green Eyes

    Poses/Animations: Glitterati

    Lashes usually worn : Volumen by LeLutka

    Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUDVR Foundry

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    Picture 2:

    Hair: Bang Bang Bob – Lamb

    Skin: Marianne [tan] Famous – clean/Noteeth & Teeth – Vive 9

    Clothes: Tourista Dress (ratpack collection) – ChantKare

    Shoes/Boots: Long boots round – J’s

    Accessories: Briefcase – by Puk Abel (not available)

    Eyes: (vive9) Marianne Green Eyes

    Poses/Animations: Long Awkward Pose

    Lashes usually worn : Volumen by LeLutka

    Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUDVR Foundry

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    Picture 3:

    Hair: Gala – Magika

    Skin: Marianne [tan] Morning – Clean/Noteeth and Teeth – Vive9

    Clothes: Tourist – ChantKare

    Stockings Black – Izzies

    Shoes/Boots: Digna Boots – Kalnins

    Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

    Poses/Animations: Miseria

    Lashes usually worn : Volumen by LeLutka

    Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUDVR Foundry

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    Picture 4:

    Hair: Aurora – Magika

    Skin: Marianne [tan] Shady – Clean/Noteeth *dark brows – Vive9

    Clothes: Silk Mini Dress Blue (3 in 1) – Izzies

    Shoes/Boots: Leather Gladiator Heels – Anexx

    Accessories:  Deluge Earrings – Essentia

    Poe Baubles – Woo’s

    Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

    Poses/Animations: Miseria

    Lashes usually worn : Volumen by LeLutka

    Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUDVR Foundry

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