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    Ballgowns and Ballgags

    Ballgags and Ballgowns 1

    Ballgags and Ballgowns 2

    Before my gorgeous man Mel went away for Christmas, Newdoll, he and I were talking in skype as we do, being silly. I was yacking about what kind of posts I need to do next, and I was rambling on and every time I blurted out something, he would add something, so we ended up with Ball Gowns and Ball Gags, I wont tell you the others because you will want to do them :P.

    So as I wont be with Mel for New Years I thought I could at least dress for it, and it is 19.5hours to go for me down here. The two gowns I am wearing are both from LeLutka, a last release for the year, and one that Thora had been working on for months, the gowns are exquisite and there are enough styles in the collection for you to find one you Must Have for new years. The top one has an over head cape like cover, but I wanted to expose my hair that I love which I don’t think you can get anymore but is too beautiful to hide, just as the Zoe from Maitreya is, both such elegant updo’s but in a non traditional way.

    My favourite leather – even though to me they look like satin or whatever i say at the time – gloves are from 5th and oxford as usual, and I am so sad to see that they have reduced everything in the store to 50L and arepacking up for a while, some items i hope will be on marketplace because I love these gloves so much, they come in three lengths per colour, so don’t delay go run get them for 50L each.

    The oh so yummy Harness Ballgag is by VR Foundry who makes my  VR Studio which is the only equipment I use, the ball gag fits the face superbly and back when it was made it won lots of awards, and is still awesome. It has all the bells and whistles a ball gag should, but my favourite part is that I can edit the ball to match my ballgown lol.

    Todays wonderful stock image is from Amisha March from the Second Life Stock Images Group.

    Picture :

    Hair: O’Hara – LeLutka

    Zoey – Maitreya

    Skin: Natasha – Lelutka

    Clothes: Ave Gown, Reina Gown  – LeLutka

    Shoes/Boots: Shanti – Maitreya Gold


    VR Harness Gag – VR Foundry

    Hair Rose  – Essentia

    leather gloves – 5th & Oxford

    Diva Lashes – LeLutka

    Eyes by : Fusemelon

    Poses by : aDORKable

    Equipment Used:

    VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shoots VR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck

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    Flicky Flicky La La


    Bring on the Mod Squad, seriously that is how I felt as soon as I layed eyes on this beauty.

    The latest Belle dress from Elate is just marvelous darlings, and what better way to show off your sexy legs, than with knee high boots, an expanse of skin and this beautiful retro fashion. The fun thing about the dress is it’s ability to look both casual and fun, or sleek and dressy, it will all depend on the accessories, boots/shoes and how you flick your hair.

    Speaking of flicks – see how I lead you right there – the new styles from Exile are scrumptious. The Nyx hair is amazing and Lake I really would love to have in a hat hair combo. Kavar as I have said before, really levels up each and every time he releases.

    I could see wearing any of the colours of this dress, to christmas parties and the festive activites bound to occur over the coming weeks, the colours and style are perfect for it.

    I made another backdrop background in PS for this post, and am adding it to the Flickr Group Second Life Stock Images, so I hope someone finds good use for it :).

    Click HERE to SLURL’s Page.

    Picture :

    Hair: Nyx, Lake, Rina, Azalea – Exile

    Skin: Natasha – LeLutka

    Clothes: Belle – Elate

    Thigh Highs – The Strand

    Leather Gloves – 5th & Oxford

    Warm Shoulders – BOOM

    Shoes/Boots: Prestige Boots – Bax

    Marina Boots – Slink

    Long Boots Round – J’s

    Big Sur Boots – YS & YS


    Hair Rose – Essentia

    Clutch Bag – Adam n Eve

    Diva Lashes – LeLutka

    Eyes by : Fusemelon

    Poses by : Marukin

    Equipment Used:

    VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck

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    It’s a healthy self interest

    Lingerie Shoot

    Lingerie 3

    I have it on good authority, that to self love is to share the best of oneself with oneself, how much better than that can it get? When spending the evening swanning around in lingerie, you really get to enjoy the freedom that is Second Life. Both Newdolly and I went to visit Mel as he was rebuilding his store, and to his surprise we were both in lingerie…we decided to let him think that yes as all men predict, women do spend theiir time frolicing around in the knickers and gently nudging each other with pillows of the soft and fluffy variety – and no Mel is not that silly, but it was a good giggle for 2.3 seconds.

    Today is Sunday, and on Sunday we will be having the opening as far as I know, of the Luxuria department of 5th & Oxford. What is Luxuria you ask? if you do not know then you best get on over there and see for yourself, or you can keep reading. Luxuria is the Lingerie department, that Roslin Petion has been working her delectable buns off on. Lingerie is something that she creates for not only the beautiful woman within, but for the manly man to admire and delight in. This lingerie is not just sexy layers to wear under clothes, but the true starting point of all that is woman.

    It caresses, it entices and it truly intrigues, it is soft and beautiful and enough to make you fall in love with yourself first, and let the man come in second…and if your man knows whats good for him, he will always come second.

    Gigglefits, I so want to leave it on that note, but lots more to talk about. The skins I am wearing are just gorgeous. The London skins come in lovely tones and divine make ups, the mouth is just hot hot hot. Glossy lips that have a definite petulant pout that we all find sexy as hell. I really love the shading on the skins the bum is great, especially for lingerie, and it is all about the DEMO DEMO DEMOs so be sure to grab lots. With Cupcakes though there are so many superb skins there, that if this one doesn’t grab you maybe others will, so plan to spend some time there.

    New hair New Hair NEW HAIIIIIRRRRRR. Wow wasn’t today crazy with releases. Maitreya released some beautiful updo styles, and I am wearing one of them on the left, with a texture change headband, it is a lovely ballerina looking style, that will get so much wear this season.

    Buy it all and have a marvelous weekend, I am off to get Newdolly some lashes like I wear, full prim no alpha, all win.

    Click HERE to SLURL’s Page.

    Picture :

    Hair: New Haven – Surf Co.

    Saar – Maitreya

    Skin: London – Cupcakes

    Clothes: Alicia, Belinda – Luxuria ( 5th & Oxford )

    Shoes/Boots: Allure – Maitreya Gold

    Nana Heels – Enkythings


    Lashes – LeLutka

    Eyes by : Fusemelon

    Poses by : Doll, Fri.day

    Equipment Used:

    VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck