Cinnamon & Chai – Cinnamon My Path

Cinnamon & Chai - Cinnamon My Path

I will never get tired of bakes on mesh and now with a custom UV and the ability to one arm, one hand and one foot, not to just do things in the moment. Such as the case with my arm tattoo today, I whipped it up in PS and it just felt so perfect for me in the moment. I am going to take a long while to get over the losses I have experienced this year, but if I keep on a path that makes me feel better overall then you never know what can happen.

This dress is a stunning creation by a new to me brand Harmonia. They not only created this dress in superb colours, but the strap work fitting to the shoulders perfectly is just one of those things you take note of. I loved this colour on sight, and even added a tint to my hair to keep the look fluid. Just in time the Margot Slippers being updated to now include Cinnamon & Chai (redelivery if you already have them) gave me a chance to create a lovely look that may seem casual at first but definitely has that dance all night into the New Year vibe going on.


Equipment Used:


VR Studio 4.2 and HUD and Library for location shoots ) VR Foundry Marketplace

LeLutka Axis HUD

TROPIX // BackDrop Futuristic Neon – #COMMON 05

Skin & Body Parts Worn: Chloe Head – LeLutka

Cinnamon Body – Cinnamon & Chai by Siddean Munro

Slink / Cinnamon & Chai Nail Appliers – set 253 GIFT– Flair – Marketplace

System/Bom Layers:

Body/Head Moles, My Path tattoo (Personal)

Bom Nose Fixes, Inside Lips Corrector – Izzie’s

Brows – Simple Bloom

Cinnamon Skin BOM included – Cinnamon & Chai

Royale Makeup Palette Lipstick and Eyeshadow – AlaskaMetro

Mesh Worn Margot Slippers (Cinnamon & Chai) – Slink

Lilly Dress – Harmonia

Carly Bracelet – Kunglers

Hoop Earrings – Punch

Evelyn Hair – FAGA