Shop n Hop 2019

I have spent hours recording a post on this event, I shopped for 5.5 hours and got so many things the video ended up at 2 hours in length. I do not even know where to begin on that, but did not want to not put out the information now for people to get their own Shop n Hop excitement. Every booth has a gift, and every booth has reduced the prices of their items by a minimum of 20%. This is definitely the time to get your shop on.

Even more exciting is that with everything in most stores on a vending system, and the event being until the New Year you could totally start your gifting early or just make a list, check it twice and then go back to the event just prior to Christmas day and start sending gifts to everyone. A lot of items and gifts have a Christmas theme, but that does not by any means mean you cannot get your shop on even if it is not your particular holiday. I loved it, I loved it 5.5 hours worth and many hours of video of me on my posestand talking like a crazy person. I am so out of practice, but I will work something out, not even sure how long a video I can upload to YouTube.

The stores involved in this event are great, the range is wonderful and while there may be many things you already have, it could give you the moment to stock up for the alts, because they deserve some love too.

The Moles put in a great amount of work making it look as beautifully festive as possible, and the stores themselves did a lot to make you really feel it was the season and reason to be Jolly, so fa la la la la your awesome selves over to the event.

Aurelian Region
Gilded Region
Gleaming Region
Golden Region
Halcyon Region
Tinseled Region