Hair Fair 2018 – Blonde Sim – Part 2

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I tpd over to Hair Fair and was greeted by the lovely Tekila who had read my post and was on their way to try the God’s Plan hair by Vanity Hair, well that just made my day all gooey and awesome! Then I ran down the middle of the Blonde sim to grab some styles that I had not picked up in time, and am sharing those with you now.

Cheveux has been doing hair fair for many years now, and his booth and styles this year are just great, I especially like the windswept hair that is non rigged so if you need to move it a little to get the hair out of your face – literally – you can.

Tableau Vivant did a mix of hair add-on styles, full styles and hairbase appliers in their selection this year, and some male hair as well, it was all in for TV. I decided that I could not resist giving Halo the full picture space and it needs it, this hair is huge. I did, however, match it up with the Lelutka hairbase applier just to give me a little bang for my buck. The hairbases come also with omega appliers and there are many variations for the length of bang in ascending order of length. I went with the longer fronted ones, and the side part is so cool – not visible.

Fashionably Dead catered to my hat hair love, Toast never disappoints anyway but making me two styles of Hat Hair is just all love for me, but I will let you wear them too. The hats have multiple colour options and I adored the style of hats, so cool with these jackets, and any wintery goodies coming our way in the next few months.

Amiable does not make hair often, and I am glad she has returned to it, as these heavier thicker styles are adorable, and can be as sexy as you want them to be, or the complete other way as cute as needed. Navy & Copper another big return for us, left me reviving the 80’s with Whimsy with the teased up bangs look. I did incorporate some more hairbase design by Just Magnetized in this picture, these hairbase styles are just so much fun and really change the look of hair. I did have to do a bit of editing the blend of hairbase to hair for these styles but that is only as the hair was no mod, you can play around with alpha sorting issues with hair if mod, and the hairbase is definitely a must have.

Ayashi is known for very anime-inspired looks, and while I am sure that Lightning is probably a character of some sort, all I could think of was the little sister in Gossip Girl that went on to be a rockstar. I am also loving the big hair and bows of the second style.

Picture One

Hair Fair 2018 - Cheveux - M119 & M120 Picture Two  Hair Fair - Tableau Vivant - Halo

Picture Three

Hair Fair 2018 - Fashionably Dead - Tea & Coffee Picture Four  Hair Fair 2018 - Amiable - 004 & 003

Picture Five

Hair Fair 2018 - Navy & Copper - Biscotti & Waffle - Just Magnetized - Hair Base 003 Picture Six Hair Fair 2018 - Ayashi - Mokka & Lightning

Blonde Sim Hair Fair 2018

More info on all the locations at styles at the Hair Fair website

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 4.2 and HUD and Library for location shoots

VR Foundry Mainstore (adult)

VR Studio @ Winx & Flair (general)

VR Foundry Marketplace

Axis Face HUD – LeLutka

Props, Furniture, Build


Poses by




Skin & Body Parts Worn:

Chloe Mesh Head LeLutka

Hanne Skin Applier – The Skinnery

Dynamic Mesh Hands (Bento Enabled) , Deluxe Feet & Hourglass Physique Body,  Petite Augment  Slink

Avatar Enhancement Skin Appliers : The Skinnery

Avatar Enhancement Nail Appliers: set 142 Flair

Picture One


M119 & M120 – Cheveux – Hair Fair 2018 – Blonde Sim


Trench Coat (standard sizing) – League

Picture Two


Halo & Hair Base 03 (LeLutka) – Tableau Vivant – Hair Fair 2018 – Blonde Sim


Veronica Corset Dress – Le Fil Casse


Picture Three


Tea &  – Fashionably Dead – Hair Fair 2018 – Blonde Sim


Butch Tank – Sn@tch

Military Jacket – Paper arrow co.

Frank Jeans – Blueberry

Picture Four


Hair 004 &  003 – Amiable – Hair Fair 2018 – Blonde Sim


Butch Tank – Sn@tch

Sweet Shorts – Bueno

Picture  Five


Biscotti & Waffle – Navy & Copper – Hair Fair 2018 – Blonde Sim

Hair Essentials 003 – Just Magnetized  – Hair Fair 2018 – Blonde Sim


Romper – Bueno

Picture  Six


Mokka & Lightning – Ayashi  – Hair Fair 2018 – Blonde Sim


Gigi – Addams