This time Ashia was around at just the right time, she is often online in my afternoons her mornings, she gets up so early to bring you the delights of her blogging and incredibly beautiful photography at her site Inventory Episode.  So this time I asked first, what colour? and she replied with ‘Red of course’ so I asked what kind, cherry/tomatoe or blood, which was reacted to with a resounding blood, also of course…mind you I was wondering if perchance she was feeling vintagey and her reply was she is waiting for Vintage Fair for that – when it happens you will get all your info at Pale Girl Productions.

So the joy of this letters and colour thing just got so much more exciting for me, the unknown, the way things can come together and be years apart in creation, just so wonderful to me that I amped it up by adding a fourth letter. Again there are other lettered stores in my post, but to incorporate that way is too cool and it really made me reach into different areas.

Letters are K, N, J and S and I started with the K, getting all excited about Katat0nik as I really looked forward to seeing what I could utilise there, and also got excited remembering some great system layer stuff that can be used in the future when baked on mesh is live. This adorable capelet was my discovery and while Katat0nik was doing her own variations of mesh sizing back at the start the options fit with my Slink Hourglass body, I am wearing what was named ‘Divine’ as an option.

At first, I was thinking to wear dress slacks, but then this gown by Just Because worked a treat, them being the perfect J store. I had tried a few of their gowns, as they do spectacular formal work, but something just wasn’t right and then venom called to me and bam and wowza it was a winner. Something about the capelet feeling very victorian and the gown so evil and delicious it was like becoming a kind of villianess character from those times, or an evil alien Queen from some B-Grade 60’s cult classic film. Whatever way it works.

The hair is a new release from Exile and he always does such a perfect updo, and this one, the elegance of the bun, the low sit of it at the nape of the neck but still very structured also lent to the timeline, while it could be seen as conservative in some looks or severe in others, it still comes off incredibly feminine and I needed that severity.

Once you have a snake wrapped around your torso, you cannot help but think of all things garden like, so these cage horns with roses and this gag were just needed to bring it all home. The gag was an intended search in my inventory because many moons ago I did another post called Ballgowns and Ballgags, and well you know why not revisit a theme – I cannot believe it has been 8 years since I did that.

My S choice and one that really made me go seeking outside the norm for me was with Slack Girl cosmetics. I actually have a lot of makeup appliers and the like, but often stick with what is included with the skin, or just go natural. So this was a chance to really seek more than that and it was also just perfection the eyeshadow has this swirly coiled like finish around the catliner in colours that I was able to tint to a deeper red, to go perfectly with my look and lashes that are just different enough to be fun. The N is N-Core and even if you cannot see my shoes, I always credit them, even if hidden under clothing, because it is about providing info on things I think would work well with that look, or just providing info to a great shoestore. I did want you to see the shoes though, so that is them there off to the side. One fell over, I think it is drunk.

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 4.2 and HUD and Library for location shoots

VR Foundry Mainstore (adult)

VR Studio @ Winx & Flair (general)

VR Foundry Marketplace

Props, Furniture, Build

Mood Salon – MINIMAL 


Poses by


Skin & Body Parts Worn:

Spencer Mesh Head LeLutka

Alessa Skin – League

Dynamic Mesh Hands (Bento Enabled) , Deluxe Feet & Hourglass Physique Body Slink

Avatar Enhanced Skin Appliers : League

Avatar Enhanced Nail Appliers : set 127 Flair

Fashion Time, Lash Collection (LeLutka Appliers) – Slack Girl

Lipstick (Lelutka Appliers) – zOdiacO


Bloom Hair – Exile


Venom Gown – Just Because

Wishy Washy Woman Cape – Katat0nik

Shoes :

Slingback Heels – N-Core

Accessories :

Beast Horns – May’s Soul

Beloved Nocturnia Gag – Axix

Moray Nails/Gloves/Rings – E.A Studio


  • Ashia Tomsen

    loving these posts Sasy, your inventory is a beast of a thing but the treasures in there are amazing….as are you >5foreva