With the Band

With the Band

I have a friend in me, well two actually. So the other day we went shopping, how unusual right. Ashia of Inventory Episode and Whimsy Winx of Virtually Dressed, we were tping all over with our SL Bloggerati tags on. So we went to Kustom9 and Ashia starts foaming at the mouth, calling me over when I was so not done with that side of the room yet, so she had to wait. She is at the SAGA booth and I am all like MEOW how cool and she is all like PANTS…so I see what she is seeing, and honestly, E-Clipse might just need to send over a bottle of Champers and some BonBons to Christel Morane. So doing some sleuthing, and all my sleuthing skills have grown over the years by the tutelage of Whimsy, the girl is an internet Bloodhound. I found out where the pants were from because the lovely Christel actually put the info on her ads Flickr page information, YAY Christel! and ok not so much sleuthing really.

I continued to have Ashia wait though, finished the walls, and then we went to Saga first, because that is how you say thank you for wearing pretty pants in your ads for other things, you shop first at the shower of the goodies, also her goodies were awesome as well. So I tpd over and hot damn, seriously her build and store layout is top notch, the girl has some mad skills. then went shopping, to the left, to the right of the left, to the middle, and to the right, then the left of the right and back to the middle, did I get everything I wanted, I think so.

Then it was off to the PANTS! But we did not plan for the whole store to be jam-packed full of tantalizing delights, you see I see them at events, and I have purchased at events, but like all event releases, sometimes you miss some, and sometimes you just do not see what gets released at their stores, that is why we try to stop shop often. However, it had been a while, and honestly while I did try and search my inventory to see what I already had, I gave up on that as it was just costing me time, and I had shopping to do, so while Ashia was running ahead (again) and Whimsy was just all over the place, the girl loves to weave shop, drives me bonkers. I started on the left and went up and down each aisle and that store does not fatpack, so I literally had pain in my right hand once I was done, from all the clicking.

Now the pants are the middle ones, and while I did also get the black, the sand was just delightful and well I would feel bad if I wore the black before Ashia. Plus with the combo of this incredible hat, and these awesome sandals beaded feet attachments thingies, both by Saga I was really feeling my urban bohemian mix, and then it just turned into this kind of music festival, live gig look of girls, with different kind of music tastes, which was really fun to do. Also the great choker, no seriously just go buy it all. The hat has a resize option and so I was able to fit it over this beautiful hair by Exile, and that of course lead to more beautiful hairs by Exile. Mixing the cropped hoodie top by Blueberry into the fold and an applier top…now interestingly the strings on the top clipped the applier, because I am wearing it on the clothing layer so it is worn away from the cleavage, so I did have to alter the join of my cleavage to be closer together so the strings would right themselves, so if you ever do have things like that happen, play with the join or the gravity of your breast shapes, it really helps.

For my spacey look, the pants and the boots are so funky, and the amazing thing is that all the trim work is actual mesh, not just texture on there, that was amazing to see as it rezzed in. I teamed it up with this fabulous top that is actually a bra top from the recent Lingerie release by Vinyl but definitely needed to get some outy attention, not just inny, with of course the Meow collar that started the whole shopping extravaganza. Lastly, this shirt, come on how can you resist it, it is plaid, it is oversized, it is tuxedo tails styled, and the collar is up, I am way too cool. It was paired up with jeans at the store, but these shorts I definitely wanted to give a run, and the belt on them is just perfect. Speaking of belts, we lack those in SL now, just thought I would put that out there.

The other day SL Bloggerati was fortunate to get some Shiny Shabby access, and it is a great thing for Bloggers to do a practice run of events, it gives us a chance to shop quickly, but also let people know if things seem strange, prices, vendors not working, items not in the correct bags etc…it has always been that way for us, to make sure we let people know if something is up, a good team effort between Bloggers and Designers and Event Coordinators, so if you ever do get early access to an event, make sure you pay attention to those kinds of things and let the right people know as soon as you can. The layout now is so spacious and easy to maneuver, I like the wide aisles and I really like the huge box booth styles, it just makes it easier to shop, and much easier to set up for stores I am sure.

Shiny Shabby January 2018

Minimal has some great Gachas at the event, and I got this great countertop cafe booth, and it was perfect for this pic, because these days it is not an event without food trucks and pop up cafes all over the place. My only mention about the Gachas and it did not bother me too much because I use my VR Studio HUD and Library and Posestand for everything I do, would not function without them, but the backdrops are no MOD, and while that is ok with things that are actually behind you, having stools in them or any seating kind of look it would be cool if they were mod to be able to either add poses to them, or even shift them around the space, I understand gacha means no copy, but some of us are ok with the risk, and the no gacha ones at another event are also no mod.

I did a lot of shopping at Shiny Shabby also and will definitely show more from there in the next posts.


Equipment Used:

VR Studio 4.2 and HUD and Library for location shoots

VR Foundry Mainstore (adult)

VR Studio @ Winx & Flair (general)

VR Foundry Marketplace

Props, Furniture, Build


Poses by

 Winx & Flair


Vibe Gatcha – Minimal @ Shiny Shabby

Skin & Body Parts Worn:

Chloe Mesh Head LeLutka

Jaclyn Skin Applier – The Skinnery

Dynamic Mesh Hands (Bento Enabled) , Deluxe Feet & Hourglass Physique Body Slink

Avatar Enhanced Skin Appliers : The Skinnery

Avatar Enhanced Nail Appliers : set 28  Flair

LELUTKA Lipstick Applier – Fresh Lip Tints – Pink Fuel



Jagged Edge – Exile


Break the Rules – Exile


Summer Glow – Exile



Hype Pants – E-clipse Designs

Applesauce Strappy Lingerie (TOP) – Vinyl


Laura Cropped Sweater – Blueberry

Narcotic Dope Pants – E-clipse Designs

Tempter Bustier (applier) – Flair


Tammy Shorts, Oversized Shirt – E-clipse Designs

Shoes :


Hype Boots –  E-clipse Designs


Bohemian Sandals –  Saga


Narcotic Dope Combats – E-clipse Designs

Accessories :

Coffin Nails Empire


Meow Choker – Saga @ Kustom9

Virtual Armwarmers – Luvi


Laced Choker, Traveler Hat – Saga