Andrea for Men – LeLutka Male Head

ManSasy - Andrea - LeLutka Male Head

On the 22nd of September 2017 LeLutka will be tipping over to the Male Side…it has been a very long time since Males have been catered to by these creators, I think March 2009 was the last time, it was a nice day (it was my Birthday that is why I remember). So 8 long years. The wait has been worth it though, as the New Andrea head is packed full of goodness.

He comes with 10 Tableau Vivant skins created for this head. Then you build on him from there, with the brows, the facial hair that is 8 different looks in 5 colours (also tintable), two hairbase options shaved and the one shown which is a hot crew cut type look, also in five colours. You have Makeup layer which unlike the girls is full coverage, and then on top of that tattoos, also full covering, so many options to mix and match.

To do this post I even used the personalise panel to add some darkness under the eyes, very subtle, plus some moles I sent as a texture in the LeLutka for Me group so that people could see how to use the personalise options. The heads come with not only Human teeth, but also Beast teeth, which if you buy the additional huds in the store, can be different fang options as well as bloody etc. The human HUD allows you to change to gap or different colour teeth and so on. Much fun and he looks cute with the gap. If you want to fix the gap, there are also braces.

The heads fit perfectly to the Slink Male body as well as Belleza, but you can check whatever you wear to see if that fits also, as there are full demos to try. Animations of moods and expressions fully loaded, so all you really have to do is just grab the demo and go crazy. I had a lot of fun with the additions I made, and then shopping well that was a whole other thing. Male shopping when you have a partner is hilarious, because I kept liking stuff that I would rather get for Mel than have myself gathering dust, but I am glad I already owned the sneakers I bought at the last Shoetopia, which funnily enough is about to start again next week.

If you are a Female LeLutka head wearer, everything works the same, so you can help out your Male friends if they get confuzzled. Though unlike the Female heads, the Male Hairbase is SL UV so Men can wear their existing hairbases if they have appliers for Omega and until more hairbases and facial hair is made for LeLutka. You can find all the information on how the head will work HERE on the LeLutka website.

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 4.2 and HUD and Library for location shoots

VR Foundry Mainstore (adult)

VR Studio @ Winx & Flair (general)

VR Foundry Marketplace

Props, Furniture, Build –

Location –

Poses by –

Persona Poses – LONG GONE *sniffles*

Skin & Body Parts Worn:

Andrea MALE Mesh Head (COMING 22nd September) – LeLutka 

Dynamic Mesh Hands (Bento Enabled) , Flat Feet & MalePhysique Body – Slink

Avatar Enhanced Skin Appliers : Tableau Vivant

Avatar Enhanced Nail Appliers : Male Appliers – Flair


Hairbase from HUD


Sawyer Denim Shirt – Cold Ash

Dean Chinos – Cold Ash @ TMD

Shoes :

Chase Sneakers – Deadwool