Shoetopia 2017 – Features


I decided to do a fun little movie on my shopping prowess at Shoetopia…

When you have early access to an event, often as is the case, you run over grab all the things you can carry, and depart. Then realise that you did need at least 2 more fatpacks, and some guy shoes just in case you have to be a man for some reason or another. Then you decide to go back and forth another two times, and think you have it all sorted. Then hours before opening you realise you should have filmed it, and so you run back and you do…then realising later it’s not how you wanted to film it, because you have this awesome (to you) idea on how it should play out.

So then you go back use CTRL ALT SHIFT 4 removing all the avatars and yourself, and then film again. My apologies to those I stepped on, walked over and so on…there was this one time I ended up flying up and out a window, so I think I used someone as a ramp (sorry about that whoever you are).

I purchased as much as I could, had there been all options in many I would have most likely bought most of the event…but alas no, I was also lucky enough to be sent some items for blogging so incorporated both. What I did get, I was very impressed with, especially the different options in some styles, that just enhanced the footwear so much. I especially enjoyed the use of materials used by those that have that all sussed out. You can usually tell when rezzing the fabric of a shoe and you see the maps before you see the colours. Amazing for footwear, or any leather goods really, but seeing proper snakeskin or alligator, proper leather and the like, very nice indeed. Big thumbs up for the shoe creators at this event.

The location is easy to navigate, and the use of wardrobe props to give it a Carries closet like vibe, very smart on the organisers part. The event is a good way to get your footwear addiction taken care of, not all stores are represented, as often dates and time factors in there, but those that are present and accounted for did a great job, and some stores are newer to footwear creation but well known stores, so we hope this event urges them to keep on keeping on.

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