Know their Product

My first post over at SL Bloggers Support Group…

SL Blogger Support

So this is my first post on the Second Life Bloggers Support blog. The topic of today’s post comes from sitting on the many sides of the Hexagon, that is Second Life.

As a blogger you want to broaden your range, you discover a store, and you believe you have a tried and true method of communication. The problem is, that tried and true method can let you down, and you may not know it.

Take the time to know how a Designer wishes to be communicated with. If a creator had time to take random IMs all day, they would not hire staff, and while not all stores have staff, they still have preferred methods of communication. Now not to land in the hypocritical box on that one, if you have in the past spoken to or interacted with a designer, you may feel you have built a rapport with…

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