LeLutka Head Stretch

LeLutka Head Stretch Collage

One of the exciting things about the LeLutka heads COMING SOON is that there is the ability to use the shape sliders for Head Stretch and Head Length. You will need to also adjust your eye sliders to get the perfect look, both eyespacing and eyedepth. The top left image in this collage is my own original shape, where my headstretch is 24, I went up by 10 for each image, so that also means there are another 60 looks if I had gone up by 1 slider number instead. So even if buying the same head as your bestie, you will be able to tweak enough to look different. I am wearing my red hair again, but am only using the default skin layer with options off for shimmer etc, so you can focus on the changes to shape.


LeLutka Head Aria – LeLutka COMING SOON

Aria Skin Default Included – Glam Affair

Phsyique Mesh body – Slink

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