Another Chapter

Another Chapter

So I managed to fish out my Wacom this past week or so, and have been playing with it a little. It really takes getting used to using it, but if you are a shortcut user in Photoshop, it is a lot easier to manage. When drawing hair on an image, setting up your two colours (foreground and background) is a must do, then use X to toggle back and forth while you are drawing, that gives you a lot more ease of flow. Other great must use Photoshop shortcuts that I would not be able to function without using are as follows.

Shortcuts in Photoshop (ones I use the most often)

To duplicate a layer

Ctrl J

Zoom in – Ctrl + 

Zoom out – Ctrl – 

To make brushes larger or smaller whether an actual brush or any of your brush styles for smudging, dodge and burn etc  (just holding it down will zoom in or out on size)

Smaller –

Larger – ]

Remove last move

Ctrl Z 

Toggle between foreground and background colours

Default foreground and background colours


Clone Stamp Tool


Magic Wand Tool


These are just some that I use the most in everyday use…there are so many more, and definitely steps that will save you so much time, and become second nature to you.

A lot of the time I am mending hair, I love mending things, fixing broken limbs, replacing components etc. Today though I opted for being a bit more imaginative with the use of my hair brushes. The way my hand was situated, I just liked the idea of having it seem as though I was running strands of hair through my fingers, and I hope that translated as meant to.

Today I am wearing my Maitreya body Lara. We are spoiled for choice these days, between my Slink Physique and my Maitreya Lara, I am ready for all that can be thrown at me clothing wise. It also came into play because with the new skins for Chapter 4 that Glam Affair did, it is an easy selection on the hud that comes with to match to your Glam Affair skins. I also did some NEW Maitreya nail sets yesterday, so you can check those out HERE. Sophie is a lovely skin, and it has a lot of options in the two tones that it is available in for the event. I am wearing Jamaica. I really like the subtleness of this rich red that is in the lipstick, it is not blood red, nor tomatoe, it just sits beautifully classy in between.

Yesterday I wore an Exile hair that is an item for Enchantment, and today I am actually wearing the prize you can select once you complete your stamp card. The hair comes with a teacup fascinator attachment, so you need to make sure to get that filled in time, or you will miss out, as the items as prizes are exclusives. Combining older and newer items in the form of my clothing, was easy with Gizza and Le Primitif, I loved this blouse bustier combination on sight, and these pants are wonderful as well.

The shoes I picked up on a trip to Dirty Princess with Whimsy. Now while shoes are made for Slink feet, I am really hesitant to shop there for the most part, because there are no demos for anything. Which I do not really understand that, because it is not a normal thing for shoes or wearables of that mesh nature to not have demos…so purchase with caution. I would steer clear of any boots etc, if like me wearing a body, as without a demo, you are not going to know if the legs line up at all – unless stated with information about the particular body…all the boots in the store were prior to Physique though, so a no go for me. I am a Pisces though, so fishbone accessories when done well are my weakness, so I took the gamble.



Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore,VR Foundry @ The Deck

Props, Furniture, Build :

Location –

Poses by:

 oOo Studio


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

Skin Worn:

Sophie (Jamaica) – Glam Affair @ Chapter 4

Slink & Maitreya Appliers – Glam Affair

Lara Body, Hands – Maitreya

High Feet – Slink

Maitreya Nail Appliers : set 7 – Flair


Tea Time – Exile (Enchantment Stamp Prize Exclusive)


Bustier Blouse – Le Primitif

Suede Josie Pants – Gizza

Shoes :

Fishbone shoes (Slink High Feet) – Dirty Princess

Accessories :

Anuttra Ring – Mandala