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A new month and so many new things. Two new events happening this month, one is Uber and the other is My Slink Obsession. Uber is a new month long event, and has some amazing creations by amazing creators. The bag I am using in this post is by Emery and the colours and richness of the leather are fantastic…I really need Sunami to make more accessories, because she does fantastic items overall, but I love her bags and there are just not enough of them.

My Slink Obsession is an event that will take place on the Slink West sim, and all items are Slink Compatible, as is the sim itself. This event will have all new items that are made for the many Slink items as well as items such as poses that allow you to see them in their best light, such as the ones I am using for this post by Pretense.

The event is a 50% OFF event, so it is a must visit for all Slink wearers, because you won’t want to miss out on the savings. The skin I am wearing is not only for the Slink body, but also the Slink head, hands and feet. The Visage appliers are Esmerelda and the Physique appliers are tone 4 and you get so many different options. Freckles, tan lines, cleavage, and then make up and hair base options. I love this face, especially the freckled option as it gives such a stunning softness to the overall look. If you love skins definitely DEMO DEMO DEMO.

The hairbase also gives a lot of extra ooomph to the sexy as all get out style by Lelutka called Hall. It is a two part style and the ponytail portion comes in different sizes for more wiggle room. The big floppy bow on top which gives it such a sex kitten look has a texture change clickable menu, so you have three base themes, and then different prints and colours per theme.

Another MSO (My Slink Obsession) item are the fabulous capri pants by Somnia, I will be wearing these forever, they are the perfect cut, the ends are worn in such a great way, and they are physique appliers compatible, but there are also other applier options so they cover many bases, and by bases I mean bums.

It all worked so well with this gorgeous top by NYU that I had not had the chance to wear yet, and WOOOHOOO size 3 in her sizes worked perfectly over my slink body, I only had to turn on one alpha band, there may be some clipping depending on your own shape etc, and AO of course, but I love the look and it moves well and is so so pretty. The colours just came together in this post from the shoes to start actually, and I was so excited that the aged leather colours in them just had perfect matches with other items, especially the bag by Emery.

The shoes are SENSATIONAL, also another MSO item, so seriously get on over there because these at half price is just a bargain to not miss. Even at full price they are incredible. The straps the big buckle, the extreme heel, the wood, the colours, everything is just shoegasmic. They are by Lindsey Warwick, and everything she turns out is just exceptionally well made, so if you call yourself a Shoe Addict, then you better have all hers in your inventory.


My Slink Obsession @ Slink West


Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore,VR Foundry @ The Deck

Props, Furniture, Build :

Location –

Poses by:

Pretense Poses @ My Slink Obsession – Starts August 5th @ Slink West Sim


Customeyes HUD by Anara 


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

Skin Worn:

Esmeralda Visage Appliers – YS & YS @ My Slink Obsession – Starts August 5th @ Slink West Sim

Physique Appliers Tone 4 – YS & YS @ My Slink Obsession – Starts August 5th @ Slink West Sim

Avatar Enhanced Mesh Hands, High Feet, Physique Body & Visage Head  – SLink

Avatar Enhanced Nail Appliers : set 219 – Flair @ My Slink Obsession – Starts August 5th @ Slink West Sim


Hall Hair – LeLutka 


Floral Blouse – NYU

Simple Capris Dark (Physique Appliers) – Somnia @ My Slink Obsession – Starts August 5th @ Slink West Sim

Shoes :

Cordelia Platforms – L.Warwick @ My Slink Obsession – Starts August 5th @ Slink West Sim

Accessories :

Uber Bag – Emery @ Uber Event 

Ladybug Rings – Yummy