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Thousands of years ago, the beautiful daughter of a God ‘Theadora’ fell in love with a mortal cobbler. She had been promised to the son of another God, and he was enraged at this betrayal. He sought revenge, and turned the lovely Theadora into stone. Her father pleaded with him to turn her back, but to no avail, the only thing that could turn Theadora back was the small fountain at the base of where she stood. The catch to this, was that the fountain must have only natural falling water – rain – and where the Gods live above the clouds this is not a common occurrence.

Once every hundred years, the celebration of the Gods brings all the elements up high, and with this there is rainfall, the fountain fills to the brim, and the lovely Theadora transforms once more into her human self. The problem is, that the effects of the rain only lasts through the day, until the rain evaporates from the fountain and she is turned to stone once more. Theadora herself is unaware of this magic, she is oblivious to the loss of life she endures for a hundred years, and she is still hopelessly in love with the cobbler, who because he was mortal is long dead.

Deeply saddened by this, her father spends many months prior to each celebration, scouring the land for footwear of the finest fabrics and styles, so that his daughter awakens to a stunning selection each time, and believes that they have been left for her by her true love. She then once choosing the footwear she will wear, goes off in search of him, accompanied by her father whose only wish is to see her happy in the time that they have.

Shoetopia is upon us, and the incredible event spans 2 sims, and is a heavenly experience. The theme transcends the norm, and the build is a delightfully easy path to follow. Gatcha machines set up on the sides, 100% donation kiosks , as well as booths with extra items from other creators – such as myself and Whimsy Winx – who have put out reduced items that will donate 100% to Soles4Souls. Each booth at the event has a minimum of 1 item that is donating 100% to the charity, and then all other items are, a mix of old and new. Some stores will have familiar styles, and some have created brand new creations, letting their customers wait in anticipation of this event.

Slink is one such store, and not only have they released a brand NEW high foot for the event, but three new styles of footwear to wear with it. The Demi boots, the ones shown come with a hud that turns on and off the toecaps in metalic finish. The donation item in their booth is the beautiful blush pair, that will be EXCLUSIVE during the event, and not sold in that colour afterwards. The detailing is fantastic, and I always love open toed boots.

One huge surprise though is the booth layout for the SLink booth, the statue, such as Theadora that inspired my little made up story, is the main feature. With the overall build of the sims, it is understandable if you were to think they were part of the build itself as they are so on theme, but on inspection you will see that they too are created by Slink, the statues, the planters, everything in there is made by Siddean, which is just amazing.

Shoetopia opens on the 15th, so you only have to wait a little while longer. The slink demos went out to the Slink group in world the other day, so you can try those early. There is also a Shoetopia Demo Group, and hopefully the shoetopia stores will start sending through that soon.

Click HERE to SLURL’s Page.

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore,VR Foundry @ The Deck

Props, Furniture, Build :

Poses by:



Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

Skin Worn:

Sigrid – Glance

Avatar Enhanced Mesh Hands , Feet HIGH – SLink @ Shoetopia

Avatar Enhanced Skin Appliers : Glance

Avatar Enhanced Nail Appliers : set 174 – Flair


Demi Boots – Slink @ Shoetopia