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Candy Apple 1

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Candy Apple 5

Candy Apple 5

Candy Apple 6

I have been humming that song all day, the title one, not sure why. Usually I end with a skin, but today with this recent release of Vera by Glam Affair, I had to start with it. There is not one make up that is not just perfection for this skin. Usually I tend to like a little bit more maturity in the face, but this younger look has a lovely look about it, that can be both innocent, or not so, as the case may be. If looking for a new default skin, this is definitely one to look at, I might have to wear it around for awhile myself. There are many eyebrow colour options, the make ups as mentioned are stunning, but also you get the clean look for a day time look. There are also three additional lip shapes with a bare base, and freckles and extra noses, you know, for when you need a spare to smell lots of things :P.

Next is the Hair, a NEW release by Exile, and not just NEW styles, but new textures and options on top of those. The choices are fantastic, and everything seems just softer and more sensual as far as sexy hairstyles go. For those that loved American Woman, Hollywood Nights is going to be a firm favourite. Gogo has done a post showing the hud, plus she is showing off some new vivid colours, so go on over and visit her for a bit @ JuicyBomb.  Had I known before spending hours taking lagtastic photos that we would be in the same hair, I may have changed to show one of the other great styles, but seriously I just loved this one as soon as it was on my head, I haven’t even put on the rest, just oggled the pictures.

My outfit today is a mix of items from DCNY, the leather leggings are a must have, and then you have this lacey kitty set that has the creat corset and adorable headband, I might just wear that longer than today as well. Very cool items to get around in, and even though they were part of a Halloweeny kind of theme, definitely wearable all year round. Adding some other jewellery by LaGyo that is at this round of Collabor88 the ring is so cute with the kitty bell like shapes. Then the unicorn talisman necklace, all texture change options and many other delights in their release.

Now if you go all the way down to my toes, you will see these gorgeous hard candy jellies, which I call thongs. The colour I chose to purchase are black, but not only do you get the colour you purchase as the base of the thongs, but you also get 16 options to colour change the hard candy…I love these, and with them being candy and it being Halloween they are perfect. I don’t think they are intentionally Slink Feet add ons, because there was no logo, but they do have other slink feet shoes in the store, these were upstairs, and they are actually mod, so I did tweak them a really tiny bit as they were a little bit longer than I needed them to be. But they are great now, and again, there is much love.

Lastly the house and furniture. This house is at Collabor88 and is by Trompe Loeil, the Autumn Cottage comes in two sizes, this being the smaller, which is just right if you ask me. It is a stunning build and has all the lovely nooks and crannies you need to really make it a lovely home. Adding also some pieces from Lisp and even some bits and pieces from Whimsy’s own store W.Winx and some Collab pumpkins we did together.

Now about things that I have done, today I made a FREE GIFT set of Nail HUDs for the Slink Avatar Enhancement items, and they are so so Gross, they gave me goosebumps wearing them, and making them was even harder, but they are Ghoulish for Halloween, so make sure you stop by and grab them, they are completely free a gift from Flair to you, so Enjoy your Halloween.

SySy Chapman and Whimsy Winx are also of course in these pics, Whimsy is going to do a post later on on her website HERE . SySy is wearing a great gift from G*field that went out to their subscribers, Hair by Lelutka, Skin by The Skinnery and Shoes by Fri-day – I know her too well I didn’t have to ask about any of it lol.

Click HERE to SLURL’s Page.

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore,VR Foundry @ The Deck

Props, Furniture, Build :

Autumn Cottage, Colour Dressers, Office Chairs Pumpkin – Trompe Loeil @ Collabor88

Piano and Armchair – Lisp

Pumpkins & Caramel Apple Tray – W.Winx 

Poses by:



Dark Doll Eyes – VS


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

Skin Worn:

Vera – Glam Affair 

Avatar Enhanced Mesh Hands & Feet – SLink

Avatar Enhanced Skin Appliers : Glam Affair 

Avatar Enhanced Nail Appliers : set 178 GIFT FREE – Flair 


HollyWood Nights – Exile 


Leather Leggings, Lacey Kitty Corset & Headband – DCNY


Hard Candy Jellies – The Secret Garden TSG


Morganas Necklace & Ring – LaGyo @ Collabor88