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First thing I have to do today, is apologise to Mel. In all my trying to make sure that his eyes were not my eyes, and changing the colours etc…I forgot the more important thing. The most important thing of course, was to make sure I was not still wearing my girly girl brow shape lol. When I showed him my post of the Mens Belleza skins, he said it was very peculiar that he somehow looked like me, he of course likes to rib me at every and any opportunity, but I made loud exclamations of “NO WAY” and then he let me know my brows were still MY brows. So Mel my handsome thick browed Man, I love you, and I am sorry I made you look girly browed. This just of course gives you more of a reason to go over to Belleza and try all the male skins on yourself, with your Manly brows.

A day or so ago – time is lost on me these days – Whimsy and I went over to Scarlet Creative, as she is having a huge SALE. The SALE actually ends today, so you need to get over there fast. You will also need some time, because you will be going through two of  the rezzers and wanting to snatch up pretty much everything in sight. Be aware though, the stuff in the rezzer is much older, and has a huge prim count in most cases, so even though they are reduced to an incredible 50L if you do not have the prim budget you will find yourself in trouble. But I highly recommend buying up lots of them, because they are great to even pull apart and use for backgrounds etc. As well as the rezzer items, there are some newer less prims houses/builds for SALE prices as well. They are in the 250L price range, be very sure though when buying, because I did notice that one or two of them had both pay and buy options, and one is not sale priced.

The Sky loft I am standing in today is not in the rezzers, but definitely a bargain, and if you are on the lookout for a great loft space, this is going to please you. It only has a land impact of 57, which means you could fill it full of fabulous low LI mesh furniture and have a great environment, for work or play. I love fitting out homes like this one, the problem though, is that I get the guilt’s about prims, and tend to take from myself for the sim…so it is rare for me to actually have a home space…but that may just change in 2013. Another great thing about the Scarlet Creative homes is their whiteness. White usually infused with some natural timbers and iron, as well as the occasional brick. It gives you a clean canvas so that you can really go to town with decorating, and adding lots of punch colours. The builds are mod, and because they are copy, you can also add feature walls, tint or just throw on your own textures if you want something a little warmer than all white.

I also made sure that the roof was transparent on the outside face ( edit – select face – click the side of the prim you want – texture tab – transparency 100 ) this gives the sun a chance to come in from overhead, allowing for more shadows, and because Scarlet Creative does a lot of shades, windows, beams in her builds, shadows are awesome.

The outfit I am wearing is a mix of some things old, and some things new. The extremely old but still really versatile and attractive, is the ribbed tube top from Sn@tch. I have always really liked the exposed shoulders long sleeve look, it was a huge late 80’s early 90’s but with a dressier shirt. But this tight ribbed look is fantastic, and would fit well under mesh clothing for a little bit of layering love. The Newness, and event newness at that, is the beautiful Grazia necklace by Glam Affair, that is part of this months FaMESHed – I told you I would end up featuring the event more, when I took the stress away from my imagination.  The necklace comes in 6 different colour combination options. The item is mod, and I did have to resize it a smidge, but it also tints really well if you go with the black and white version. I had tried to do some red in there as well, but the mesh shares the same texture, but again, it does tint really well, so you can have some fun with the colours if you want.

The other FaMESHed item, that just screams FatPack from the rooftops, is this Kimono tie leather skirt by Nyu. WOW, just wow. This skirt is divine, and the leather texturing is incredible. The tie belt is just a beautiful detailing that takes it from just being an item you wear with other items, to being a centrepiece. It moves really well, and fits superbly, I am wearing size 2, not sure whether Nyu bases her five sizes off standard sizing or not, as they are numbered, but I am a 2, and if this was an SS I would be XS – as it is high waisted – so that works for me.

The hair I am wearing is one of the most recent releases from Red Mint. The shaggy looking hair is very sexy, but not shown is that it has a braid weaving through at the crown, and side on even appears to be shorter than it is. The style is hot, and you need to demo it asap.

The shoes I am wearing are from Redgrave, the new Grace shoes, these strappy shoes are high and sleek, and have great realistic leather work too. I still have to come to terms with the size of the big toe with the strappy feet shoes from Redgrave, but other than that, the foot is really nice, and I am getting so much better at working out that HUD. I think the toe gives me more issue because as a blogger I tend to get down at foot level a lot, where as every day wearers do not look from that perspective, and from a regular viewpoint, they are really sexy shoes.

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Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore,VR Foundry @ The Deck

Props, Furniture, Build :

Poses by:  Adorkable Poses 

Furniture : Olsen Chest – Pilot 

Build : Sky Loft – Scarlet Creative 


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

Skin Worn:

Crank – Red Mint 


Nair No7 (M) – Red Mint


Ribbed Tube Top – Sn@tch 

Kimono Tie Leather Skirt – Nyu @ FaMESHed/December


Grace – Redgrave 


Grazia Necklace – Glam Affair @ FaMESHed/December

Mesh Hands – SLink


  • Scarlet Creative

    Awe thank you for the pics on Scarlet. The older ones are a bit prim high but a great trick for prims in SL is to select edit, and change to Convex Hull versus Prim. This can reduce the land impact substantially. :).

    • Sasy Scarborough

      my pleasure, and that is something I was going to check on when I got the chance, so that I could let people know but thank you for saying so here, yay for less prims.