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I have a new friend, and she is beautiful. With the festivities just around the corner, having an Angel beside me is just a wonderful way to spend time. There is an amazing community event going on at the moment, it is called Together for Sway. I do not know her personally, I have only admired her creativity, and giving nature from the sidelines, as many residents I am sure have over the years. The Angel is actually one of her creations that is at the event, and right at the landing point, so make sure you grab yourself some, or gift some to others, they are just adorable.

Sway is not well, and with the help of incredible people who organised this event, she is going to get a wonderful gift to end off the year. People have rallied around to donate 100% of their sales, with items old and new all in one location. The money will go towards the many bills that can pile up when people are not well, and this community spirit is just another of the hundreds of reasons we are lucky to have Second Life.

Whimsy and I have even made an item for the event, and while it is donating, we have it set out at 50% off the price it will be when it goes to the store. This will hopefully entice people to buy it now and help us help Sway. I will put a pic of the Carova Retreat set at the bottom of the post so you can see it. The other two girls in the ad are Bela Tolsen – Tutti Frutti and SySy Chapman, who also have items out at the event.  They were very patient while I was having technical difficulties.

Now before I go into the fashion, I need to talk about the hair. The last post I did I showed one of the new LeLutka hairstyles based on Fairy Tales. This style today is a mix of a new and an older themed style. But this is very important…because the hair has been baked and the textures can vary style to style because of that, this may not work in the colours you wear. In the Jasmine which is the main part of the hair, the Rita, Marilyn and blacks are slightly different, so if those are colours you wear, this wont work for you. I do love them together though, it gives the style even more versatility, and it actually reminds me of Belle when she was just really casual at the Beasts house. It definitely still has that Fairy Tale quality even as a mix. The necklace I have on is a GIFT, this is so cool, because each of the four styles came with their own surprise gifts, and the Jasmine hair came with this necklace, a more intricate one and some earrings, all texture change.

Now onto the clothing. The Jacket I am wearing is the latest from Erratic, and not only do you get the open version which is very sexy, you also get the closed version. The jacket is stunning leather work and with the two options you can transition looks with ease. The draped front is really lovely, but I have to say, that even though not shown, the stitching at the back is divine…and as we all spend so much time looking at our backs, I am glad it is pretty back there.

Another event that is on at the moment is FROST. This event is part of Depraved Nations events, and at least one item per store is 50% off. The skirt I am wearing is from Fanatik, and it is such a cute mini skirt, and their leather skirts are always a good thing. The other fabulous item at Frost, are the NEW league boots Neve. These boots come in 12 glorious colours, and have a great hud that not only lets you change metals in four colours, the fur in five colours but also the heels in two colours. That means with all those changes you have boots for days. The soft leather looks fantastic with the fur cuff, and you really will have fun changing their looks to match your outfit. With all the brown and gold I had going on I wanted to add some colour, and of course Tutti Frutti never fails to add just that.

The leggings are system layered so they fit smoothly under mesh. The vivid colours and prints just add some great flavour to the look, and the highlights and shading are just marvelous. Adding an older henley by in the same turquoise blue, and I am good to go.

The other day I used the Bounce This poses in my post, but I did not mention, because it was early, that they were also at Together For Sways. So while you are there check them out, they also come with mirrors and that just gives you more bang for your buck.

WWinx & Flair - Carova Retreat - ad

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Poses by : Bounce This Poses @ Together for Sway Event 

Sway’s Angel [Star] blond / blue – large – Sways @ Together for Sway Event

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

Skin Worn:

Isla – League 


Jasmine (casual necklace GIFT with hair ) + Belle tail attachment – LeLutka 


Vanity Leather Jacket – Erratic 

Leather Mini Skirt – Fanatik @ Frost Event

Sunny Empire Layer Leggings – Tutti Frutti 

Thermal Henley –


Neve Boots – League @ Frost Event 


Mesh Hands – SLink