Teddy Bare – SALE


Whimsy Winx, Anessa Stine and I dressed up tonight and went frolicking all over Second Life. It was full of fun and sillyness, as is usually the case with us.I even had the opportunity to use my stern face, which was funny because I forgot to put it back to regular, I imagine I scared a few people. While gasbagging – slang for talking lots – I was perusing Flickr and found that Ricielli was having another of its Mesh hunts. All items in the hunt are 15L each, there are twenty items, so you get a lot of bang for your buck. The large soft glowing cupcakes are not hard to find either, I think some of the vendors in the store are smaller to be honest.

Then I found a SALE banner for Bliss Couture’s HAT department. This had me tping very fast, I have these sudden cravings in SL for hats every so often, and I had not been to Bliss Couture in such a long time, so off we went. I bought up half the hats, I am pretty sure I will be back for the other half before the sale ends. Anessa purchased the other half, and then I was lucky to find in their fur department that they had a bolero jacket that matched the so awesome Jade hat that I am wearing. Seriously these two pieces are just must haves all over the place. I especially liked that the net veil I made earlier fit the hat, and looked so cute together over the Logo hybrid head.

Because I can’t wear a hairbase over the head, I went to my Gurl 6 folder knowing instantly this was the perfect job for Olive, a flapper hairstyle that is very short and close to the head. This helped with the occasional gap in the hat. I was going to originally wear Coco from Celoe with the bolero, but as I only blogged that the other day, I went with a mix of Maitreya with the bodysuit, and the great mesh corset I grabbed the other day from Etchaflesh. The corset has a great range of sizes and fit really well, I especially like the ruched sides and laced up back.

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Poses by : Geez Poses 

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


Part of HUD  – Chloe Mesh Head/Skin – LOGO


Part of HUD  – Chloe Mesh Head/Skin – LOGO

Skin Worn:

Default Skin – Amber Tone – Chloe Mesh Head/Skin – LOGO


Olive – Gurl 6


De La Ruche Bodysuit – Maitreya 

Underbust Corset – Etchaflesh 


Jazz Boots – Maitreya 


Net Veil – Flair by Sasy Scarborough 

Jade Hat , Kaxh Bolero – Bliss Couture 

Mesh Hands – SLink