Chloe let your hair hang down – LOGO Mesh Hybrid

LOGO Default HUD and Mini Expressions HUD

Default HUD

LOGO Default Make Ups

Default Make Ups

LOGO Default Eyebrows

Default Brows

LOGO Default Lashes

Default Lashes

Logo Noses

Default Noses

LOGO Default Eyes 2

LOGO Default Eyes 1

Default Eyes

LOGO Default Cheeks

Default Cheeks

LOGO Default Expressions 2

LOGO Default Expressions 1

Default Emotions

LOGO Skin Options and Tattoos

LOGO Skin Options and Tattoos Bottom

Default Skin Options

LOGO Additional Make Up HUDS Lips, Cheeks, Eyeshadows

Add On Make Up HUDS

This has been a big week for innovative skin releases, and this Hybrid mesh and skin combination is definitely something worth seeing up close and personal. Gogo and Willow have both done fantastic posts so far on this release, and unlike the fear many have about mesh making us look the same, I don’t think that we do. Features yes but its how you play with the combinations that give much more than imagined.

The New Chloe hybrid mesh system by LOGO is a Mesh head/skin combination, with an amazing array of options. The skins line up at the neck, so the absolute bonus of this kind of package is that you can wear system  clothing and all sorts of mesh items with it. That alone is a win for many.  Each Chloe purchase comes with all tones, there are five of them, which in itself just helps the buy process along very easily, because committing to this kind of look, always has some kind of ‘but what if later I want to be lighter/darker, I would have to buy it again, well not with this, because you get it all at the one time…which if you are a store owner and were considering this for your models is a double win.

You also get the head in two sizes, one is set to zero body fat, and the other is set to 16, I had to change a copy of my shape only because of chin and jaw, as there was a slight gap on the join, once I did that I was perfectly joined. You get three skin choices, which have to do with the breast areas, smaller and larger which is a great thing, you also get tattoo layers for stomach, which give a firm or muscular look to the body…the muscular was too much for me, but I know there are some out there that like that look and Maximillion of LOGO does know his skins. Then you have a bottom option on a tattoo layer, which I thought was so adorable, and on top of that there are 9 nipple options on tattoo layers for each skin base you choose to wear. Those are just the things you put on at first.

After you wear the skin, add the alpha and attach the head, you will see you have no eyes, well that is taken care of also, you can add the eyes in the folder with the teeth as its all one thing, and then you add the brows and the HUD that comes with the default package. Now everything just gets into a whole new realm of awesome. You are first all ooooo ahhh by the many eyeshadows and lipticks options, because it is HUD controlled that gives you hundreds of options of wear combining the two with there being 16 of each. Then on top of that you have brows in different colours, I mixed between the blonde and the brown for the post.

Then you travel further down and you realise the eyes have 16 eye colours and the eyes are just beautiful, but you can leave them off and go with your own mesh eyes if you have some, but you will not be able to wear system layer eyes, as the alpha on the head removes them. You then glance to your right, because lashes beckon and you have all these NO NEED TO FIT THEM YOURSELF lashes options, that go from very light to true diva style lashes, and even an OFF option so you can wear your own if you choose to. This might be something I do because mine are mesh strands, and the lashes in the head are mesh with texture so they do have alpha issues with some mesh hair from a side angle, you will have to work out what is best for you, but as I said, the no lash option is there.

Then down the very bottom you have NOSES, and its like wait, noses, do they change ? they do, but not the shape just the texturing to them, and while it is very subtle it does change the face enough that you and a friend could both get Chloe and look different to each other. Cheeks also just above the nose do give more of an angular look to the face depending on which you choose.  So thats just the tip, hundreds of make up looks, eyes, noses, lashes, brows its already all sorts of wonderful.

Then you click the top of the HUD it spins and suddenly you have what looks like an emoter hud that many are familiar with…and YES your face changes, suddenly you have parted lips, pouts, angry face and your eyes change with and along with them go your lashes, this is marvellous  again no extra editing or post process work on pics. The other great thing is that the head is scripted to blink, so you don’t stare blankly and as the eyes are rigged to the actual SL eyes, if you have a HUD that controls the way in which your eyes focus, you can still use that as I did to keep everything straight. There is also a miniature hud for expressions you can wear just day to day, so you can change your face on the go, also there is included a storage hud that you wear and it records your favourite make up combo, so you can wear it, choose your look and then remove it to wear at any time in the future.

Then if all of that is not enough for you, and you are all about, oh but I will get bored with potentially 1024 make up combinations, yes I did the math…you can actually already purchase additional HUDs for lips, eyes and cheeks and they are crazy inexpensive again adding  hundreds if not a thousand more combinations. That is just the make ups, when you factor in noses and brows it just goes on and on, as well as the skin options, and so on. This is a MUST have system for anyone that wants to take the leap into a mesh looking face, because with shadows and so on, you wont have those harsh angles of SL avatar faces, you will have nice smooth curves to your face.

Also if you are the type to do facial piercings , well as you can see mine fit the same as they did on my regular shape, you may have to move things around a little bit. Try the DEMOS see how you like it, I am looking forward to seeing more of the Hybrids coming from LOGO I already got a peak today of the next face and she is a beauty, I think there is even a pic of her at the store.

When I shot the make up options I did a simple one eye one lips pic all the way down through the 16, but of course as mentioned you can have so many different combo’s as well as with the add on make ups.

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Poses by : Body Language SLC 

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


Part of HUD  – Chloe Mesh Head/Skin – LOGO


Part of HUD  – Chloe Mesh Head/Skin – LOGO

Skin Worn:

Default Skin – Amber Tone – Chloe Mesh Head/Skin – LOGO


Turn the Page – Exile 


Ellio Bikini – BOOM 


Mesh Bare Feet – SLink 


Mesh Hands – SLink