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I have been having the last few days off, running around Second Life with Whimsy, Anessa and her Sister Jhuzen who has returned after a few years afk. We had a great time running all over the place, at the same time having to reteach her just about everything because the last two years have been the biggest changes overall.  With viewers and mesh being the most obvious.

Taking the days off though and nattering on and on about everything we could, was definitely a wonderful change to the usual routine, it was fun, I strongly suggest everyone takes a day off, even if while still logged in at least once a fortnight. Anessa herself had been having a hiatus of late from her blog On Your Toes, which has been a great shoes focused blog since 2007 and with her 700th post this past week, she has given it a clean out, and will be returning to blogging more regularly as well as featuring more of a whole look, which is great because she has always put together ensembles to feature with the shoes anyway.

All of that definitely worth mentioning seeing as today I am not only featuring some great footwear but also one of her dresses from DCNY, as well as a lovely dress from Fanatik.

The tweed belted dress is mesh and comes in standard sizes, it has this lovely sash ribbon type belted look in red on the various colours available. While I do really like the look, I do pine for the fact that there are no other belt colour options, that may be something they do in a future release though as these were part of their FaMESHed release for the month, so fingers crossed.

The dress is a lovely heavier fabric, and I just love how the Gea top from Celoe fits underneath it, giving it a more autumn/wintery look. The red belt also gave me a chance to pull out some old favourites in the form of the anklets from Maitreya that fit perfectly over the booties by Baiastice.

Other pieces worn with are the great jewelry sets from Maxi’s that are part of this months FAIR event. The tea and cupcakes set is just another reason why mesh is adding so much to the grid, the detailing is superb and the idea of it altogether is just lovely, as the FAIR event is based on the idea of times of the day or night, so this I am guessing is tea time.

Both the tweed dress and the following Pop Collar dresses by DCNY look just great with these platform ankle booties recently released by Baiastice, the ankle booties come in twelve different options, four of which are patterned so you will have to choose which are right for you, or just get them all.

The Pop Collar dress was actually a vintage fair release, and I should have blogged it yonks ago, but I am kind of glad I didn’t now, because with the fabulous hair from Exile that was last weeks release, it just looks so adorable. I also like the versatility of it, wearing it with the stockings all sexy like, or with the shorts from Celoe, for a more casual and carefree look, they both work, also thinking that those collars that come with will make for great accessories for other outfits in the future.

The bag I am wearing with is from The Secret Store and while it made me feel old as soon as I saw it, it also made me giggle at the knowing what it was, as I am old enough (40) to remember when Television did actually close for the night and being so frustrated waking up really early hoping for cartoons and there it would be the place holder telling you that TV was sleeping.

So this bag was a must have as soon as I saw it, and I got to feel young and crazy while in the store the other day with the girls, as the lovely Maylee and NyuNyu joined us and we played gestures and danced and had so much fun for an hour or so while shopping.

Another great accessory is the watch from Redgrave, it has been years since I have worn an SL watch and this one is just beautiful in the style and detailing and it does tell the correct time.

The hairstyle in the first pic is from Boon, it is an attachment style with the middle part hair base, you can buy the hairbases for the styles as a full pack for 100L but you do have to see which hairbase works with which style as they do vary, but are easily accessible next to the hair that goes with.

The other style is from Exile, and the flowers are just so delicate and sweet, a must have for everyone to enjoy. I do really enjoy when Exile releases hair with such pretty accessories or features, more of that is coming soon I hope.

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Poses by : Focus Poses

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

Skin Worn:

Jen – League 


KBO906 – BooN 

This Years Love – Exile 


Tweed Dress with Belt – Fanatik @ FaMESHed 

Gea Top – Celoe 

Pop Collar Dress – DCNY

Allure Gurdle and Stockings – Maitreya 


Amina Booties – Baiastice 


Cyrcle Bracelets, Chained Desire Watch – Redgrave 

Tea and Cupcakes set – Maxi’s @ FAIR/October 

Funky Tango Bag – The Secret Store 

Anklets – Maitreya 

Classic Nails – Izzies