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Celoe HUD

A new series of FaMESHed has begun, so be sure to get your mesh groove on. The item from there I am featuring today is the mini corset from Tee*fy and trust me you will love it. Not just this incredible floral number, but the leopard is divine , I will definitely be wearing that on another occasion. They are standard sizes, and they come not only in this lovely print but lace versions too, as well as half sheer and full sheer options.

The shorts and the sweatshirt are the latest Mon Tissu release, ever since Tres Blah released an off the shoulder shirt a long time ago, I have been hoping for a mesh version, my prayers and I am sure the prayers of many were answered. The top is perfect for that casual look that can either be dressed up or dressed down…either way it is terrific. The shorts detailing are really good on, with the lovely cuffs and loops, the pocket work is really nice too, and the shape at the back is super cute.

I especially like the texture work on the shorts, as it has that really durable quality to it.  I would really like to see these done longer in mens sizes too, as I am sure the men of sl would like also.

The hair I am wearing is the Jolie hair that will be familiar to many already, but is now released in Mesh making it even more beautiful, but with the release of Cachet it just got a whole lot prettier, because if you add the pony tail attachment from Cachet to Jolie you get a higher fuller half updo look, which I just love.

The Cachet style comes with a hair covering bun option as well, but wearing it this time with the Lelutka hairbase tattoo for a tighter sleek looking tail, the great thing about the hair bases is that they are modify, so you can tint them to match other styles or give them a bit of of a deeper look. The pony also fits in with the regular base covering the bun, so really you get three styles in one.

Another amazing new item from the people that gave us Lelutka lol, are the people that now give us Celoe as well. The Aelia Wedges are their NEW mesh feet in shoes release. The wedges come in 15 beautiful colours with three of them being a two tone effect. The leather is so soft and worn in, I really like those kinds of details that they do over there, with the shoes looking like you have already been addicted to them for weeks from the very first time you put them on.

For the LeLutka skin wearers this is an added bonus also, as the Celoe HUD skintones are LeLutka skin tones for the most part, so for me wearing the Natasha skin in Walnut it was a one click done kind of deal…total shoe bliss. The HUD is so easy to use, and has preset storage and resizing options. Tinting is a charm too, even if you don’t wear LeLutka skins you will find it very easy to use, not only does it have RGB options but also HSL depending on which you prefer. There is also a white tone, which is new, giving those that go with more adventurous skin tones – such as green or purple etc – the ability to match to those types of fantasy skins also.

The necklaces are by Maxi’s and if you have seen them in the past these are the newly released versions, with colour change options as well as different length combos, if you didn’t already have them, they are a must have. So are the fun 60’s Gogo disc earrings that have different print options at a click.

The poses I am using are from Diesel Works and at the moment they are having a SALE so be sure to check that out.

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Poses by : Diesel Works 

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

Skin Worn:

Natasha – LeLutka 


Cachet Pony (M), Jolie (M) , Hairbase – LeLutka 


Hanalei Shorts, Slouchy Sweatshirt – Mon Tissu 

Mini Corset – Tee*fy @ FaMESHed/July

RB Tank – Maitreya 


Aelia Wedges – Celoe 


Sack Bag – Celoe

Pearl Necklaces , 60’s Gogo Discs – Maxi’s 

Classic Nails – Izzies 

Weekend Traveler – Mon Tissu