Blogger Carnival – SL9 Birthday Event

Blogger Carnival

Photoscape Tutorial 1

Photoscape Tutorial 2

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So a week or so ago I got an IM from the lovely Cajsa Lilliehook of It’s Only Fashion. In the IM she asked me if I could join her and some other incredible bloggers that would be contributing to her exhibition space at this years SL9 Birthday Celebration.

Whimsy and I try and go to the Birthdays every year, and every year I wish I had known early enough to get something together to do, of course I never know what I want to do, but it is just so resident community focused and I love it. But this year I get to be part of it thanks to Cajsa.

She asked if I could do a tutorial on an alternative to Photoshop, and I have been meaning to do one on Photoscape for a long time now, because I try and convince Gidge Uriza – also of It’s Only Fashion – to use it all the time, and now have finally taken the time to do it. I did first do a voice version, but with all the editing it ended up sounding like I was filming it with the flu and at different recording times and oh my goodness the volume was insane. So I scrapped that and went with a non voiced version instead – lucky you.

You will find other incredible alternatives to Photoshop on their website, and you just have to visit their exhibit they have set up, the celebration starts on Monday. So I hope you will all visit and see the incredible work that Cajsa has put into getting this together with other displays from fabulous people.

Thank you Cajsa for asking me to be part of the Blogger Carnival.