Jersey Girl


Chino 3b


Ok so My Attic is about to begin its next run on the 21st so I am so excited about that, while some events are winding down, so you will have to make the last mad dash over to get everything…such as FaMESHed and Culture Shock. Todays post includes items from Culture Shock as well as NEW items such as hair, jewelry, poses and other great items.

First though the Culture Shock items are the beautiful skins from Pink Fuel, now Pink Fuel was late setting up, so if you have not been in the last few days you HAVE to go back. Not only are the skins divine and there are more than the two shown, but also the price is insane, so do not miss out. I am wearing the Jersey and Ruthless skins, both skins come with two to three options, the Jersey is three with a ‘duck’ option, which sorry just escapes me what that is other than different lips maybe, but I swear it looks the same on me both ways, I guess you probably need a more accentuated mouth for the proper effect…I so wanted the duck to be all pouty on me, but alas my mouth could be just ducky to begin with lol.

The Jersey skin also had a teeth option, but I actually went with the D.Select fake teeth, which are prim with an alpha option, so cute, and there are lots you can actually get, there are recently some even with braces, so adorable. I love teeth, but with my piercings it is often better to do the alpha style rather than the tattoo to be honest. I truly love Jersey and Ruthless but I can totally see Jersey becoming a full time skin for many girls, it is just so pretty.

The other item from Culture Shock is the tri colour top from Izzies, this is very cool and there are three up for sale, I went with this one because it had the black I needed for the pants and shoes, and jewelry and almost hair, but I went red instead lol.

Speaking of the hair, both styles are the latest from Elikatira, now I did you all a big disservice because I only shot from the front, bad Sasy! but I am doing so because I want you to go demo them for yourself, because seriously the blonde style which is Memoir had me all oooooing and aaaaaaing all over the place. It is a perfect girl with lots of hair style, and a Jersey Girl has to represent RIGHT. Ok so now I have to mention that one of my favourite Jersey movies EVER is Jersey Girl, and NOT the one with Ben Affleck even though I do like that one, but the real and first one was with Jami Gertz and Dylan McDermott, I LOVE THAT MOVIE.

Ok so where was I, oh yeah, so also new is the Roho necklaces and earrings from Maxi’s. I had previously shown the rings, and she has since added beautiful necklace and earring sets where you get lost of choices and so many colours to texture change the stones to. Make sure you get all her latest items, they are all stunners.

The rolled chinos I am wearing are newness from Toki Doki, they come in a great range of colours and the sizes go from small to xlarge, with Maya size as well which is the adorable creator…I am wearing Maya, which is still a tad wide for me, but as they are textured so well with a great waistband area, it is not overly noticeable that they are not a tight fit, but definitely demo first.

The shoes I have on are the latest Rigged Mesh espadrilles from J’s…as usualy gorgeous work done on the feet and the shoes themselves. They come with hud control for skin and nails, as well as colours if buying all. Great base skins to use as a starting point for colour matching to your skin. They also come in three sizes, I am wearing the medium as it looks better with my height. The great thing with these being rigged mesh is that the straps move with your movement, as this style really would as they are a thick cotton strap, and perfect looking.

The great poses I am using are from FROOTI poses by Willow Zander, so make sure you give them a whirl.

Click HERE to SLURL’s Page.

Poses by : Frooti Poses

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

Skin Worn:

Persona Skins – Jersey & Ruthless – Pink Fuel @ Culture Shock


Memoir, Indulge – Elikatira


artisan bralet , Rolled Chinos – Toki Doki 

Tri Color Top – Izzies @ Culture Shock 


Espadrille Laceup – J’s 


Roho Ring, Roho Necklaces, Roho Earrings – Maxi’s 

Fake Teeth – D.Select