Vote for Renee

Gorgeous Yongho of Juicybomb – or Gogo as many call her –  contacted me this afternoon to let me know about a very important event taking place. This event is not in Second Life, but is very important to a Second Life Resident, a member of not only our Second Life Community but also the Blogging Community. This is her blog here, and this is the event here.

Now calling it an event may seem a bit odd, but winning this prize of a van that will get her around and make a change to her whole life, seems to me an event and worthy of the title. Renee suffers from Congenital Muscular Dystrophy, and while she seems to manage with an upbeat and incredibly caring attitude to life and her friends, this is a disease that doesn’t just hinder but it hurts, a lot. Renee talks about it somewhat in the article that accompanies the contest info, so please take the few minutes it will take out of your day, and vote, as many times as you can. This is one thing that every Second Life resident can get behind, and it will not cost you anything but a few moments and may just change the life of someone deserving of it.

Let as many people as you know, know how they can vote for Renee also.