Best Wishes to Donna Flora




Platform Wedges

The other day I got an IM from the wonderful Cajsa Lilliehook of It’s Only Fashion. She was enquiring about whether or not I was going to do a post on the A-Z of Donna Flora, this was semi news to me – Whimsy had mentioned something along the lines of it a week or so before in skype. I had not had a chance to do a post yet, but promised that I would try my hardest to do something.

Squinternet the incredibly talented designer behind the Donna Flora brand is really sick, and in need of support and well wishes from all, and while I don’t claim to know Squinternet well other than talking to her a few times during set up of Hair Fair, and ran into her setting up at Shoe Fair one year… all I have ever heard from my friends that know her well; is that she is an incredibly warm and giving person.

Anessa Stine, Cajsa Lilliehook and Gidge Uriza all call her a close friend, and that to me is enough proof that she is a great lady. But if I was to not have any connection friends wise, and just based things on her creations alone, I would definitely believe she was incredibly passionate, had an artistic eye for detail, and a strong love for vintage fashion and beautiful things. Squinternet has such a beautiful variety of clothing, shoes, jewelry and hair, and they all show such growth and promise of future wonderful releases to come.

I did go shopping there this morning, but I also had some pieces from over the years. The first outfit I ever got from Donna Flora – not shown – was actually a present from Whimsy, which still has her name on the folder so I never forget. In the first picture I am wearing a jacket and jabot – scarf – that is part of a set, and this was actually out in the courtyard of the store, and as it was latex I was really intrigued as it did not seem to me like a usual Donna Flora item. It does come with shorts and stockings and other jacket pieces, but i went with the basic clothing layer option only and the collar and shoulder pads.

I really like the androgynous feel of the look, with the dress pants from SLink in Mesh, and the bra top from Maitreya. The hair I am wearing is also Donna Flora, the hair base has these adorable little almost kiss curl like tendrils at the hairline, subtle but enough to set it apart from regular modern bases, and imply a more traditional style of the past. The shoes I have on are Kyoots release for Collabor88 March, it started at midnight last night and the creations as usual are fabulous. These platform wedges have texture change heels, so you click to choose between wood and dark or light weave options. There are beautiful colours, and they represent the colour palette of this months theme.

The earrings I am wearing are part of a set called BLUE, they come in Onyx as I bought, and diamond. I was really torn which one to go for, but I decided that Onyx suited me best. As soon as I saw the necklace – which brings us to the next picture – it was instant love. I have said so many times in the past, and in RL this has always been a big draw for me. To be able to capture the attention of admirers when you walk into a room is one thing, but to keep their attention when you are walking away is something you should always aim for. Jewelry such as this does exactly that, the choker like appearance of the front is divine, with an almost peacock like plumage design. Then the back cascades down the spine and it really is eye catching.

To really show off this detailed piece, I went with the sequin scoop dress from League. Though usually I would go with a backless gown or more formal affair for a piece like this, I wanted to wear it immediately, and I think this sexy number definitely works for it too. You will notice my make up in this post, the eye shadows are all from Donna Flora and are part of the Mina pack, you can buy them as single shadows but the pack was a better deal and such beautiful rich full shadow that can really change the overall look of your skin in a positive way. The hair I am wearing in this pic and the next are from Clawtooth, the two long styles are also in this months new Collabor88 collection, so be sure to stop over and grab everything.

The other League items for this post are these organic silk dresses and tops. Organic is the theme of this months Collabor88, but to be honest these dresses and tops should be called Orgasmic, because the silk is just so sensual and sexy, and the colours, style and the ability to layer them all is just marvelous. As you can see in this pic I am wearing the goldenrod top over the chocolate dress skirt, with all layers provided it is easy to layer them. The top also looks great with pants.

Ending the post are the beautiful Posca earrings from Donna Flora. These are beautiful chandelier style earrings, with beautiful Imperial Topaz gemstones and diamond clusters. As elegant as they are, they are beautiful in their ability to be worn more casually whenever the mood strikes, and with these beauties that should be often.

Signing off with a big hug to Squinternet, I hope that you get better soon.


Click HERE to SLURL’s Page.

Poses by : PLOOM Poses & PDA Poses @ Collabor88 March

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

1st Me:

Skin Worn:

Natasha – LeLutka 

Eyeshadow Mina White Makeup tattoo – Donna Flora 


Jenna V2 with hairbase – Donna Flora 


Nerea Jacket & Jabot (part of set ) – Donna Flora 

Dress pants MESH – SLink 

Bra top – Maitreya 


Platform Wedges – Kyoot @ Collabor88 March 


Classic Nails – Izzies 

BLUE Onyx Earrings (part of set) – Donna Flora 


2nd Me:

Skin Worn:

Natasha - LeLutka 

Eyeshadow Mina White Makeup tattoo - Donna Flora 


Violet – Clawtooth @ Collabor88 March 


Sequin Scoop Dress – League 


Allure Heels – Maitreya Gold 


Glitter Nails - Izzies 

BLUE Onyx Set - Donna Flora 

3rd Me:

Skin Worn:

Natasha - LeLutka 

Eyeshadow Mina White Makeup tattoo - Donna Flora 


Violet , Venus – Clawtooth @ Collabor88 March

Sugar Biscuit – Clawtooth


Organic Silk dress & top – League @ Collabor88


Allure Heels – Maitreya Gold 


Tosca Earrings – Donna Flora 

Boho Bangles – Maxi Goassamer

Glitter Nails – Izzies


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