Harley Rose



Today was an eventful day. I tried to sleep through part of it, and then got awoken by a chainsaw, which conveniently stopped once I was at my desk and logging in. But then seeing as my day so to speak can start anywhere from 6pm my time to midnight, and then either pause for a few hours at 7 or 8am and back again, I usually tend to mix all my days up. I did get to take some pics though, and last night and well into the wee hours I did do lots of work, was juggling things for about 11 hours straight. Time management is a remarkable thing in Second Life, but more along the lines of managing to have time at all.

The adorable dress I am wearing is from Epoch Legend – Clowning by BeetleBones, this dress is all sorts of fabulous MESH. The strapless frilly is adorable, and the glitter with harlequin like tiling is just perfect for your inner glamorous clown. The fit was perfect and I am actually wearing the small, often I wear the medium, but that would be because I am broad shouldered. The dress also comes with leggings which fit neatly inside the Aviator boots from GoS that I did show earlier, but this time in all the colours of wonderful leather and socks they come in. Also the socks do have a hide/show option, so for those not loving that look, you have choices.

I am wearing the nails again from Love Soul also from Epoch Legend, but this time I have added the wonderful Stacked Rings from Stellar. These rings come in left of right, and have different sizes for your hand size, just like nails do. The styles of rings are gorgeous, and you have a choice of 8 gemstones featured in the beautiful silver bases. I went with the pink and the onyx, just because I could and it was too hard to choose one over the other.

You will notice I have on my LeLutka Natasha skin which is usually my go to, today though I added some great make up layers, three in fact, two lips ones from Acid & Mala that are lipstick and teeth on separate layers, then the amazing eyeshadow from Addict. The eyeshadow is at Festival of Sin as are the great cuffs and that wonderful thorn crown all from Addict. The hair I am wearing is OOPS from LeLutka, this is a mesh style and I love the way it waves out from the centre part in a lovely face framing style, lovely long and luxurious, it really is so pretty.


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Poses by : Vista Animations

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

1st Me:

Skin Worn:

Natasha – LeLutka 

Nude Lips Pale 20% , Nature Lips Teeth Only – Acid & Mala (Nude Lips @ Back to Black Event )

Wrath Eyeshadow Simple2 – Addict @ Festival of Sin


OOPS Hair MESH – LeLutka 


Glitter Harlequin Dress MESH – BeetleBones @ Epoch Legend Clowning


Aviator Boots – GoS 


Apocolypse Crown, Wrath Spike Cuff – Addict @ Festival of Sin 

Stacked Gem Rings – Stellar 

Clown Black Nails – Love Soul @ Epoch Legend Clowning