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Epoch Legend - Beast 2
Epoch Legend - Beast 1
Epoch Legend - Clowning 3
Epoch Legend - Clowning 2
Epoch Legend - Clowning 1
Epoch Legend - Art of Escher 1
Epoch Legend - Art of Escher 2

Epoch Legend 1

I mentioned earlier in the week the upcoming Epoch Legend Event, and it is so exciting, the items are definitely worth waiting for. The Event starts on the 26th and is located on three different sims, with a gathering area and Designers Cafe that you can sit at and enjoy your surroundings. The Cafe was built by Anya OhMai and Suetabulous Yootz , and each sims area is specially themed to the event. I took some pictures of the items and the builds earlier today, and they are fantastic, an event not to be missed.

I am showing a few looks from the different themes. I am sure to be showing more in the future, but these I just couldn’t resist showing you now. The first theme is Art of Escher…The Maitreya release has more parts than I am showing, all purchasable separately, but if they do not release these boot/leggings in all colours in the future I am going to pitch a fit. They are MESH and they are FABULOUS, the collar is also astounding, it even has snap buttons running up the back so that it shows how it was actually put on, and both items come in Standard Sizing. I am wearing the XXS . I am actually wearing these pieces with other Maitreya and Maiiki items, which come in sets, but are so worth buying them all, because breaking them up into mix and match pieces is just so wonderfully easy.

I pulled out the Nuuna’s Tattoos for these pics also, they were at last years skin fair, and I think they add so much to the overall looks. The packs they come in are great prices so be sure to snag lots of them. I am actually wearing nails from the Clowning theme, but their black and white goodness was perfect. I am also wearing a ring by Yummy from the Art of  Escher theme, and it is remarkable how she managed to make such an incredibly miniature piece of art, and it really is, so make sure you look and buy buy buy, you can see it closer up in the pics of the vendors.

Clowning is the next theme, and before you get all OMG about the build, YES, YOU CAN BUY IT. As soon as I saw it I was like Oooooo and then saw the vendor was there so you can pick that up also. The tent is just beautiful, and the layout of the vendors is fantastic.  The Outfit I have on is by The Secret Store, and it is MESH and wonderfully there is a DEMO so you can try before you buy, it does have standard sizing to my knowledge and I am wearing the small. the fabulous teapot hat is from Duboo, and it is so cute, and comes in different versions and varieties. this is the rainbow one which I thought went well with the balloons I couldn’t resist adding for my pic. For this ensemble – as it is very clown meets ringmaster in look – I went with the Aviator Boots by Gos, these are HOT, and I will include more pics later, but for now just go get them.

Beast is the last theme of the event. For this I am actually combining the Tshirt from TokiD that is at the landing area of the Designers Cafe build, that area gives you all the Landmarks to the various locations, and also has the incredible window displays for each theme. The Faux Fur Turban is INCREDIBLE , it looks wonderful will long hair, or with just a hairbase as I have on. Underneath in the beautiful ocean blues are the Bird of Pray earrings from LaGyo, they have gone all out for this event, creating some stunning accessories in three different variations on Beast. The turban, wedge boots and the gorgeous twigs on my back are all from Tee*fy, which is hosting the Beast location. The build built by Azure Electricteeth is just divine, so prepare to be really impressed once you get there.

Make sure you mark your calendars, because as I said you will not want to miss this two week event.

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Poses by : DARE POSES  (no longer available) 

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

1st Me:

Skin Worn:

Beth Skin – Izzies 

Tatto layer makeups v7 5 w. Dots - Nuuna’s


Banged Slick with Messy Bun – Nylon Outfitters


MCEHT Leggings w/boots all in one MESH  – Maitreya @ Epoch Legend – Art of Escher

De La Ruche Bodysuit – Maitreya 


Connected to Leggings


Relativity Ring – Yummy @ Epoch Legend – Art of Escher 

Poof Gloves, High Waisted Belt - MAiiKI

Prim nails*Clown-BLACK – Love Soul  @ Epoch Legend –  Clowning
2nd Me:

Skin Worn:

Beth Skin – Izzies 

makeup v4 4  - Nuuna’s


Banged Slick with Messy Bun - Nylon Outfitters


Circus Outfit MESH – The Secret Store - @ Epoch Legend –  Clowning


Aviator Boot – GoS 


clown’s rainbow teardrop pot - duboo @ Epoch Legend –  Clowning

Prim nails*Clown-BLACK - Love Soul  @ Epoch Legend –  Clowning

Dolly’s Balloons (modified) – Avant
3rd Me:

Skin Worn:

Beth Skin – Izzies 

 makeup v4 1, tatto layer makeups v7 Lipstripe -  Nuuna’s
Banged Slick with Messy Bun - Nylon Outfitters


Tshirt – Leopard - TokiD @ Epoch Legend – Designers Cafe Area 

Ava Skirt (Part Mesh) – Elymode


Epoch Legend Furry Savage Wedges Shoes – Tee*fy @ Epoch Legend – Beast


Epoch Legend  Faux Fur Turban , Epoch- Legend A Pile of branches- Tee*fy @ Epoch Legend – Beast

Bird of pray earring – LaGyo  @ Epoch Legend – Beast

Classic Nails – Izzies