Geez it’s Juicy up in here



As I mentioned last night, the Juicy Crush on You event has started today. There are many great designers items up on display in the adorable cart booths set up in a lovely garden setting on the sim. I have been back already three times already, because due to the time zones and all that jazz, people have added items since it opened, so you need to go back and shop shop shop like I did.

My day started with so much joy due to the fact that Exile has released MESH HAIR! not just one beautiful style for the event called Domino, but two other styles available in the main-store as well. I have been anxiously awaiting the MESH from Exile, as Kavar teased us a few months ago, and then we had to wait. But well worth the wait as all three styles are just wonderful, and the very retro inspired backcombed and high hair called Rivers Run is definitely going to be a huge hit.

Other great items I picked up at the event are the gorgeous Elvira tights by Blue Blood. Now I wish that the shorts that are part of the layer, were a separate, and I also with the tights themselves were available separate also, but I will just have to be happy that both exist as an all in one combo and pout a little. There are two packs of these, one with contrast options, or the same combination of colour, I went with the contrast, but am definitely wanting more, so I will be back. The tops of the shorts are scallop trimmed in the same edging as the bottoms, and it is delightful, so definitely a wearable in their own right.

Now something to bring to your attention, as you know the Back to Black event is starting tomorrow, and the dress – which I am more so wearing as a kind of longish top – is from that event and by Sakide, and is really beautiful. It is called ‘Show your Strength” and it does just that…now I did not feature that area in the pic, but make note, the dress does come with highlighting of a very very toned six pack stomach area. At first I thought I was imagining it, and then caught the connection between the name, the shading and the event as a whole, and I honestly think that it is a brilliant take on it. I also think that this dress is going to be incredibly popular with the mixed gender folks in SL, I can just imagine a whole lot of Sissyboi’s making this a MUST HAVE item, and rightly so. The dress also sculpted prim drapes down at the back, not low, just a nice reverse cowl neck feature that is just lovely. The dress also comes with some fierce looking boots, so definitely a great item.

Another item used from Back to Black are the GEEZ poses used in the first picture. These are created of course by Grazia Horwitz . The second pic also contains GEEZ poses but not from the event, so you can go and get them and all the others today and not have to wait. One thing that is a definite about GEEZ poses is that her sits are really beautiful, so if looking for a really nice sitting pose, even one for your ao, that is not animated, check the ones out at GEEZ.

Great movement deserves great Mesh, and more lovelies from the Juicy Crush on You event are the Pididdle Mesh Bed time Tee’s these are wonderful oversized t-shirts in colours that are fun and playful and the message is adorable, but as you can see you get both with and without message when purchased. They come in one size fits all, and this fit me well, there is a demo to try at the event though. For the bedtime looks I wore the CheLLe make up Mascara from the Juicy Crush on You event, there are three different make up packs available and this one was perfect for that early morning panda eye look, subtle but definitely night before residue lol.

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Poses by : GEEZ @ Back to Black Event – Starts 11th Feb

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck


MESH Eyes – Izzies


MESH Lashes Dainty – Beetlebones

1st Me:

Skin Worn:

Emma – Tuli 

Eyeshadow – Look of Love 5 & Mascara – CheLLe @ Juicy Crush on You Event ON NOW 

Michelle Lipstick Red 01 – Essences  @ Juicy Crush on You Event ON NOW 


Rivers Run MESH, Domino MESH ,  Girls of Summer MESH – Exile ( Domino Style is available @ Juicy Crush on You Event ON NOW )


Show your strength dress – Sakide @ Back to Black Event – Starts 11th Feb

Elvira Tights – Blue Blood @ Juicy Crush on You Event ON NOW 

Bed Time Tee MESH – Pididdle @ Juicy Crush on You Event ON NOW 


Relax Boots MESH – Slink 

Carabao Slippers from Pajamas Set – Intrigue 


Fashions Handbag Red – MALT  @ Juicy Crush on You Event ON NOW 

Heart Cluster Rings – Pididdle @ Juicy Crush on You Event ON NOW