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Retro Tutti

GoGo 1


GoGo 3

Wow I am on blogging fire…ok maybe not exactly fire, but still more posts in the past 24 hours than I have done in the last week or so lol. I was dragged back into WOW kicking and screaming internally, and finally after about a year leveled my Mage to 80…yeah I know, slow me. I just don’t really get WOW like others do, shooting stuff is a great stress release, but I totally do not understand doing all those occupations and stuff, spending weeks leveling it and making gold, when you can’t even buy shoes with it. Seriously I would rather spend that time in SL. Whimsy totally gets it though, seriously she is like the WOW wiki, but ask her what store we went to half an hour ago and BLANK!

She cracks me up so much, her and Mel both…yesterday they made me laugh so much I couldn’t breathe. I love my friends, and especially when we chatter in skype for the majority of the day, or when we don’t even talk, just stay in voice in companionable silence. It definitely makes it easier to do the day to day things you need to do. Now speaking of friends, the owner of Tutti Frutti is a wonderful girl, her creations as I have said in the past are always amazing in her use of prints. The reason for the background is also for her, because when I first made this texture for the Stock Images group, Bela asked to use it for her store walls, I was so happy. Anyway, rambling, so Bela and her prints are the perfect thing for a vintage fair, what with the retro fashions available. As soon as I saw these pieces on flickr I logged in to shoot them. For a start they are HOT HOT HOT, and then some. The names made me giggle as I just watched the Dewey Cox movie, and the whole ‘I have a song about an Octopus” part had me in stitches.

I didn’t wear all the pieces together as intended, but mixed her pieces up with some from other stores at the fair. The little cropped tied Tshirt from Essences is fabulous 80’s inspired fashion, and really a nice staple to have. Sassy is the store responsible for the wonderful Poet Shirt, very medieval inspired and a great modern take on the empire gown look. Lastly I rummaged in some sn@tch and found these great capris as part of the brigette set.  All finished off with the wonderful shoes from SLink. These shoes have no feet, I was shocked to my core j/k, but for those that aren’t feet fans, and there are some of you like that, these will be all oooo ahhhh for you. I especially like that from front on they almost look like ballet shoes.

Mesh hair is a wonderful thing, especially for those of us that pose a lot. The hair doesn’t go through your body, and these two vintage inspired victory styles by Alice Project are just great. I love that she also has faux bangs in that rock a billy look, so was able to add to both looks. Her texturing is fun too, the hairs are scripted to not just change colour, but to also give you the choice of streaks or dark or light tips, very cool and more bang for your buck.

Lastly a skin with a name many will recognise, well those that love a good cage dance anyways, this is the GoGo skin by Curio. Each make up has two options, one is milder, the other has either more lippy or darker eyeliner, both options are great, I love the very intense black liner looks too. So next time you find yourself in white knee high boots, climbing into a cage and feeling shagadelic baby, then make sure you look fab with GoGo.


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Poses by :

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck

Skin Worn:

GoGo – Curio by Gala @ Vintage Fair 

Lipstick worn – Ice Queen Lips – Curio by Gala 


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka


Rosemary,Annette, Faux Bangs ( MESH ) – Alice Project @ Vintage Fair 


Crocchette Shirt *blue – Essences @ Vintage Fair

Octopus’s Garden Vintage Hot Pants, Across The Universe Vintage Pants , Lovely Rita Vintage Shirt   – Tutti Frutti @ Vintage Fair 

Poet shirt – Sassy @ Vintage Fair 

Tweed Capris ( part of Brigette set ) – Sn@tch @ Vintage Fair 


Suede Wrap Wedge Shoe – SLink


Across The Universe Waist Belt, Across The Universe Tie- Tutti Frutti @ Vintage Fair 

Vintage Owl Set – Glow Studios @ Vintage Fair 

Silvia Set – Donna Flora @ Vintage Fair