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Babyback Bitch

Last night Whimsy and I went to Hogwarts, actually we went all over the place, but decided to stop in on the marketplace that has all of SL a quiver. Anya OhMai has the most adorable Pygmy Puff collectible Gacha items there, I didn’t include mine in the pic, because I am scared they are like gremlins and I haven’t read the rules yet.
While we were there, we ran into a few people, one of which was Mystic, who also has a blog in which you can read more about joining the school if that is your thing. She was really lovely to talk to *waves* and to her friend with the evil like Whimsy red hair lol.

If you do go visit prepare to have all your maternal instincts punch you repeatedly while you are there, seriously children overload and sooooo adorable in their little uniforms and stuff. I don’t know enough about the books to RP properly and I would want to be a teacher or something, but I would be so hopeless and feed them all candy all day. Before that or after that, I think before, we went to see Maxwell Grafs new retail adventure called Bitch. His release of 4 Mesh Handbags shown larger than life in the showroom. You may know his work from Rustica, well he has expanded his range  to smaller items such as  accessories and clothing, and the bags are lovely. I just had to have the houndstooth print.

I love that Marni is back to creating for Royal Blue, she is able to add just the right amount of quirky to a look. The outfit pieces I am wearing today are from her, some new, some old and some I have been waiting for for over two years to be finally finished. The waiting was for the stockings. Originally they didn’t come with the boyshorties, but now that they do they are even more to love. So all one piece, and there are the polka dot ones or plain…so sexy. The new is not visible, but if you go to her store you will find these nifty shirt collars with ribbon bows to wear as an accessory, also very ooh la la.

The whole look is perfect for the Project Themeory item from MOOD of the Duchess Fascinator. Now these things are hard to find in SL, Newdoll and I went searching weeks ago. Not just that they aren’t easy to find, but good ones are rare and this one is a GREAT one. MOOD has been pushing herself lately, and it really has shown the public what she can do, and how her skills have grown. Jewelry not being the only Mood MOOD can be in. So once Royal Blue unpacks hers and MOOD has hers, we will be off to the races in style. Melbourne Cup is only weeks away people.

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Poses by :


Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck

Skin Worn:

Hadley – LeLutka


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka


Drucilla – Exile


Yo Bra , Knitted Suspender Socks with Panties – Royal Blue


GTFO boots – GOS


Bow Faced Collar – Royal Blue

Duchess Fascinator – MOOD

Medium Nails – Mandala

Houndstooth Bag – Bitch