Temptation doesn’t stop at fruit



Ok so before I forget, Diesel Works is having their annual SALE, which pretty much has everything at 50% off. But it is limited time only, so do not miss out on the bargains, I used Diesel Works poses in today’s post, so they are lots of fun.

Now speaking of lots of fun, the Apple rings from Addict are just darling. Very retro as the apple somehow was a huge embellishment in the 70’s. My mum actually had an apple pendant in green glass with gold embellishments when I was younger, that I adored. So, this set of Apple rings are a must for everyone, and they have a hint of sin surrounding them, with that whole Eve and the Apple thing. The necklace I am wearing is also from Addict, I do so love when Kianna gets accessory inspired, some of my favourite pieces are from her.

Another must have this week, is the Other hair from Elikatira. This style is definitely cutesy, as Elika says herself, and I for one am glad that cutesy is part of her broad repertoire. For another few days the Ch1c Birthday event is on, until the 19th to be exact, and I thought I better pull my finger out and get to showing you more items from it. Realises that yet again I forgot to include the Ballina Beach set that Whimsy and I created for it DOH!, you will just have to go look for yourself at that one.

The clothing items I am wearing are from Magoa – a brand owned by Keira Seerose the Chic Management leader herself – and Cynful. You can of course tell what item is Cynful due to the large amount of my bum showing from the leather tights lol. The Magoa item is actually a more detailed bodysuit/pants set, but I went with the top only, two birds one stone etc.

The skin I am wearing which is also from the event is by Lara Hurley. This skin is Odette and she is definitely impressive. A lovely range of tones, all the appropriate add ons, but it is more the overall features that I am finding really lovely. The eyebrows for one thing really captivated me, they are strong without being overly so. There is a nice blush to the face that can be considered as youthful glow, or just healthy living, and I really like the shape of the mouth/lips, full and petulent without coming off as overly sexified. All in all definitely a skin to try if you haven’t before. DEMO DEMO DEMO.

The shoes I have on are the newest release from SLink, they come with her new HUD, and the ability to walk on a heel the size of a nail. OH MY GOODNESS these shoes are sexy. But not only sexy, incredible created to not show the join of leg to ankle, with only the thinnest of straps. I personally think that these are shoes that should be bought by men, for their women, because there is not much else you would want to wear with them – if you know what I mean WINK WINK .



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Poses by :

Diesel Works Poses

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck

Skin Worn:

Odette – Lara Hurley


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

1st Me:


Other – Elikatira


Not that kind of girl bodysuit ( upper only ) – Magoa @ Ch1c Event

Leather tights – Cynful @ Ch1c Event


Lulu heels -SLink


Apple Rings, Start a riot Necklace – Addict