Culture Shock – I got your Poe


I read an interesting post earlier today, couldn’t work out for the lift of me how to comment on it, so will have to here I guess. It is an awesome blog, and great pictures from what I have seen so far, in this particular post CarolinaB is talking about blogging, and how a friend asked why and so on. Well even though I don’t know CarolinaB nor do I know the friend, I will answer that I am so glad she isn’t just ‘playing Second Life” I am glad that she is a blogger that has incredible style, beautiful pictures and knows how to captivate with her words.

Some may say there are too many bloggers now, or so many, I have even in context said there are way more now than there were. But I honestly believe that no one should ever feel we have enough, or that we couldn’t do with more, because what if people like Anya OhMai had thought that she wouldn’t add to the community, or people like Achariya Maktoum had felt that her particular looks and passion wouldn’t be needed in SL – by the way Achariya feel free to come back any time :P, and that is just some of the A’s. What if Milla Michinaga had felt that her returning to blogging wouldn’t be a benefit to anyone, well they would all be wrong and my world would not be a better place.

Without bloggers we don’t reach thousands a day, I mean Second Life isn’t known for spreading the word on its own creativity as a company very well. Personally I gag a little every time I see an IMVU advertisement somewhere there should be a Second Life one. But people like my friend Whimsy Winx came to Second Life because of blogging, she saw peoples pics on Flickr and then found Linden Lifestyles and Second Style, got hooked on their posts and joined this world 4 years ago and has become an incredible asset to the community.

Anywho enough rambling, so I went out and about inspecting some stores for Hair Fair 2011, I mentioned that the other day, and of course it ended up costing me money as I can’t resist shopping at the same time. So anyway, there I was shopping and saw this insanely fun hair from BC322 which comes in both options per colour, so you get more bang for your buck. Culture Shock is still on and a huge success from the word on the street, the skirts I have on today are the Peyote skirts from Fishy Strawberry at the event, such great pieces Fae released for this event, now if I could just get her making more hair.

Another item from Culture Shock is the top on the right, now this top is actually designed with a babydoll style flexi skirted attachment, with a whole lot of swirly aqua patterns that I loved at first sight, but then today just wasn’t dealing with it very well but loved it without lol. Yay for all the finished detailing on the shirt part, not just layer under prims. The necklace I am wearing comes from WTG, the same place my nails/bangles are from, the necklace is gorgeous and really brings up the turquoise love.

Another necklace to love is the amazing Raven necklace from League, instant love when I saw it in the poster for her FLF item this week, and yay looked to the left and there it was also for sale. Nena has been making some amazing jewelry lately, such an interesting sideline from her usual products, but I am cheering from the sidelines because they are really wonderful.

Other great jewelry are the milkyway bangles from Mandala, such pretty pieces that were on sale on marketplace a few weeks ago, you should check they may still be. I really love the necklace and bangles with this adorable pintuch blouse from Feather, a modern take with a cameo inspired necklace and a not so conservative take on a traditionally conservative shirt.

Finishing both looks with some great socks in heels from Maitreya Gold, both styles of sock shoes are so gorgeous, and the colours available are divine. It is settling on which ones to wear that is the hard part lol.



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Poses by :


Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck

Skin Worn:

Pearl – LAQ

Teeth – LeLutka


Ellis – LeLutka


Natural Curl Sculpted Lashes – LeLutka

1st Me:


Trick Candy – BC322


Sumatra Top (worn without prim bottom ) – Swansong @ Culture Shock

Peyote Mini – Fishy Strawberry @ Culture Shock

Pintuch Blouse – Feather by Sakuya Lane


Allure with Socks , Moxie Shoes w/ Socks – Maitreya Gold


Anniversary Necklace, Camo Nails/Rings – WTG

Milky Way Bangles – Mandala

Raven Necklace – League

Glasses – HOC