Pose Fair 2011








Pose Fair 2011 is about to start, from the 1st of April until the 15th, there are over a hundred stores on two levels. With NEW and older posesets, props and gadgetry you will not want to miss it. If you are a photographer, model, blogger or just starting out, this fair has it all. One thing that stood out this year was the growth in family orientated and childrens poses, a lot less of the ‘look at me I am fabulous’ and more of the ‘ we are family’ type of photo ops are there for the clicking, and I personally loved seeing it. There are also some amazing friends and couples poses, and the imagination shown in some of the vendor pics was a joy to see.

Make sure you set aside a lot of hours though, possibly over a few days, because to do it all at once like I just did, when not all are even set up, was a huge undertaking, but whether all at once or in stages, the layout is really clear, either clockwise or anti clockwise, you can stick to the inside circle and then outside and then move to the next level, easy.

VR Studio has a booth there this year, as you know that is the only system I will ever use, there was also other studios and gadgets, and I did notice that the move me dance system was back for another year. Some dance animations, that are fun and frivolous, and with the pics I just took some of those things that made me smile, giggle or I just felt stood out from the others in the same booth.

Speaking of giggles, hello MadDesigns you nutters, that pose set is so funny and so perfect for Second Life, I know that we have the yummy males contest each year on New World Notes, but seriously, can we now actually have some Mr SLuniverse pageants? it would be so much of a giggle.