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New skins, New Hair, a Rebranding,  New boots, a SALE and so much more…

SLink is having a diamond sale for at least a week, it started yesterday with the release of the Whitney boots, three in one booths that come in tall, short and short with socks. 8 Stunning leathers to choose from and for a crazy week these beauties are only 99L a pair, and if you wear group title the fat pack is only 400L. Also if you wear the SLink group tag, any items with the diamond near them, you will get a 50% refund back from your purchase, but you MUST wear the group tag.

Pure Juice is still on if you haven’t been, and the latest Chic Limited event for March is about to start later today. So the pics of four me’s are a mix of those and other items. The STUNNING and incredible poses I am using with the incredible prim petals cascading and twirling around me, are by aDORKable, and are part of the Chic Limited events Elements theme, this set of prop and poses is incredible. I did simple pics but the art ones you could accomplish is just another feather in aDORKables creative cap.

All of the hair I am wearing in this post is from Milana, a rebranding of Dernier Cri now that the owner has joined forces with a friend to bring you these new styles and so much more hair. Milana is starting off strong, and the dye huds are back bigger than ever. Make sure you go over and try all the demos, there are so many different looks to check out.

Curio is about to release the new Lustre skin, and wow what a skin for Gala. This skin is definitely a step in the more mature face direction, because I would not recognise it as a curio had I not seen it myself. Ok maybe I would, as there are a few tell tale signs, but it is definitely a skin for all those that worried past skins were a little too youthful for them. DEMO DEMO DEMO.


1st me :

Hair :

Emma – Milana

Clothes :

No Strings Attached Dress – Grixdale @ Chic Limited March

2nd me :

Hair :

Collette – Milana

Clothes :

Leather pants – Riddle @ Pure Juice Event

White High Waist – Gawk @ Pure Juice Event

Accessories :

Wide Belt White – CoCo

Birds Nest Silver Necklace – Carolines Jewelry @ March Chic Limited Event

3rd Me :

Hair :

Lacie I – Milana

Clothes :

Mary on Fire Gown (part of set) – Glam Affair @ Chic Limited March Event

Pants from White High Waist outfit – Gawk @ Pure Juice Event

Accessories :

Bird Swing Silver Necklace – Carolines Jewelry @ Chic limited March Event

4th me :

Hair :

Christina – Milana

Clothes :

Chloe – Elate @ Pure Juice Event



Lustre – Gala @ Curio

Shoes/Boots :

Whitney – SLink

Poses :

Petals in the Wind – aDORKable @ Chic Limited March

Eyes :

Ellis – LeLutka

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shoots – VR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck