Zoe and the Collective Conscious



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Whimsy and I talk about Collective Conscious all the time, the fact that SL residents are such a wading pool of ideas and creative streaming…it is no wonder there is often an overlap.

Today I was taking all my pics of skins as the upcoming Vanity Universe annual skin fair is just around the corner, and I realised that I needed to locate the banners. Of course my note cards wouldn’t open so I went in search on Nadja Baxters flickr, and lo and behold there she was in her most recent post wearing the same lingerie I just shot for mine lol…funny part of this though is that it is not a new release, and I had been so behind in my posting that I hadn’t blogged it yet, so I actually did go in search of it in my inventory.

I personally never think it is an issue like some, one of my all round pet peeves is when I see a blogger say that an item has already been seen so they didn’t blog it, or something so crazy as that. Nadja has her readers, I have mine, regardless of feeds and what not, you should never deprive the designer of your take on an item, or the readers for that matter. I can see an item ten times and it can be the 11th that makes me go OMG wants. Feeds were and are only supposed to be tools to make it easier to navigate to the main source of a post, that is one of the main reasons I do a teaser up front, that and the fact that I think the less you put on a feed the lighter the load and memory needed for the feeds to function.

So back to the task at hand, the skin fair starts on Sunday at 3pm, that I am guessing is due to the time difference for Nadja and all of the other people responsible for the fair. It is nice to start later in the day though, it gives everyone that chance to build up momentum. You are going to need it too, there are so many incredible stores this year, and the sim is layed out in a three building stack, which hasn’t really varied from last years, so it will be easy for many to navigate.

One of the many stores about to take part is Tuli, and the breathtaking new release of Zoe will be at the fair, and for all you Tuli fans and future lovers, the skin is superb. There are so many options and variations in the skins packs, you have a bazillion eyebrow colours, and I might be exaggerating but she has gone so far as to include bleached and copper as options.

Zoe has an amazing face and body as usual, and there are other options created on the tattoo layers to enhance your overall look. Freckles, Cleavage, Lashes , Brows , and lipsticks, eyebrow shape and the actual shape that Tuli wears for the ad for the skins promotion, which is copy/mod so you can make changes as you need. This is a lot to play around with, and if you recieved her latest group gift of teeth and beauty spots and so on those can only make it all that more fun…apparently the teeth are still in the store for free.

In all the pics I am wearing Novel, a new style by Elikatira, so pretty are these victory curls that it is vintage love but in such a way as to have a modern twist. It has that half up and then lightly pulled back out of the face look Elika is so good at, make for easy showing of great make ups.

The chair and table I am showing in the pic are from the Chic Limited event Anti Valentine by Cheeky Pea, so comfy with a huge choice of poses. Cheeky Pea is not only named awesome but a great store to explore. But for these you will have to go to Chic Limiteds skybox.

Mark your calender for Sunday and prepare to skin shop like a crazy person….


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Picture :

Hair: Novel – Elikatira

Skin: Zoe – Tuli

Clothes: Soignee Lingerie – Fishy Strawberry



2011 Curl Lashes – LeLutka

Eyes by : LeLutka

Poses by : Adorkable

Cheeky Pea Doris Saturday Night set from Chic Limited Anti Valentine Event

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck