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So yesterday I got TP’d by Fiachra, and accepted immediately – not like him, when I send one he IM’s me with all the who’s what, where and why’s pfft. So anyway, I landed and instantly crashed, due to my draw distance being at 512. But as I was crashing I went oooo I wanted to come here all week, so how fortunate is that.

Newdoll had done an incredible post on the latest Mia Snow skin releases on the concept of Día de los Muertos – Day of the Dead – and the skins are just gorgeous. So I came back after turning my draw down – you can do that before logging back in by the way, hit ctrl P at log in screen and your preferences open up. When I got back in my head id assumed there must be an S or something for Fia to TP me, as a big crowd was standing around, and so I started clicking on all the semi rezzed prims, only to have a message come up second later that I had won the exclusive skin in the mini mania machine. HOW COOL WAS THAT!

I love it so much, I may just have to go back for more, there are also some incredible Zombie sets there to check out with Halloween just around the corner. The latest styles from Frou Frou just totally work it, especially the demeter on the left which has such a sleek bob effect in a totally different way about it. Perched on top is the Macabre top hat by Ripe, who are at Jewelry Fair, their items are just adorable in a dark and glorious way, the hat is so cute, and modify, so I was able to tint it red in edit linked to get it to match my whole look. The Macabre jewelry on the right also comes with that wicked monocle which even though I already had I would have searched high and low for, because it was actually also in one of Mia Snows ads, and looks so damn cool.

The Clothing I am wearing is from Call for Couture, and wow is that ever going to be an event and a half. The style on the left from Malt and on the right from Baby Cakes, perfect for the skins and hair, as the skins make up went so well with Malts Red and Black dress which because of all the layers can be broken up into perfect seperates, and then you have the Baby Cakes on the right with the adorable bronze trim that goes so well with the autumn crown that comes with the Gigi hair, it can totally be worn without too, so you have lots of options.

The stunning shoes are from SLink and are their Pret a Porter item for Call for Couture, the style being a mix of stilletto and wedge, giving you the lines of both in such an open way. I love the concept of that, it kind of makes your feet breathe a sigh of relief that as high as they are, they have a solid enough foundation to dance the night away…I myself thought it and Whimsy said so too, that the toes part would be even cooler as an open option with toes, much like was done with boots by Slink in the past.

Jewelry fair opened today, and yay for the grid going down, always a great sign for an event as big as this, means it will be a huge success. Much like how it rains every Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in Sydney and then stops just moments before it begins lol.

Call for Couture opens on Sunday, so stay tuned because both events have so many incredible items I will be sharing over the duration.
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Picture :

Hair: Demeter , GiGi with Fall Crown – Frou Frou

Skin: Sugar – Mia Snow ( mini mania prize )

Clothes: CFC Pret a Porter Outfit – MALT @ Call for Couture

CFC Pret a Porter Outfit – Baby Cakes @ Call for Couture

Shoes/Boots: Ariadne Boots – SLink @ Call for Couture 


Beautiful Macabre Top Hat Petite, Beautiful Macabre Jewelry Set – Ripe @ Jewelry Fair

Lashes – LeLutka

Eyes by : Fusemelon

Poses by : Luth Reel Expression

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck