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Thank you Linden Labs, I appreciate your intense desire to please me at all times…and this newish feature in the viewer has made me happy face indeed.


Whether you be a Designer/Creator, someone who likes to send random information to many people, or you just love to spread the love…this function is wicked awesome.

You may have noticed it in your inventory lately, and may have wondered what it does. Well if you haven’t yet tried, do as I did yesterday and spam your whole friends list at once.By right clicking on any item with the correct permissions to do so, and of course something that you have permission to share, you will get a drop down, and at the top it will say SHARE.

Once you click the SHARE button you will get a version of your friends list pop up in a box. Then you can choose who you wish to send to by holding down ctrl and clicking on each person, whether it be two or three, or hundreds. Then once you press the button it will show you exactly who you chose to send to in a list, mine yesterday was HUGE. I also forgot to say you don’t need to respond, because for the next half an hour or so I got IM after IM letting me know they got the notecard I sent out ♥ so adorable my friends list is..

So if you do send regular amounts of items, and until now have relied on opening each profile one at a time, or gone the scripted route, you need to no more…so now if Linden Labs would just give me the ability to section my friends list I will be doubley Chuffed.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your SHARE, because sharing is caring.