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This time of the year is so much fun, Autumn is my favourite season, so to technically have two of them a year, with Second Life and my own, I am in paradise. One of the things about this time of the year, usually, is that this is the time when everyone starts to think in theme, with fall, then halloween, thanksgiving and then Christmas.

Lately with so many themed events though, I was worried that would dissipate. Then I put on the beautiful hair and tops by RezIpsa Loc and decided that no, it still has that warm gooey feeling of fall. They at first seem very themed and would work so well with RP, but then the longer I had it on, I realised I would so wear this with regular wear. The hair is actually really inexpensive too so do not miss out on it.

The one shoulder tops are also from there, and come in lovely colours, the whole store is a treasure trove of items, so be sure to spend the time to appreciate it. Also if you land in an empty store, the it is next door, I did that twice from picks and classifieds before I realised – naughty naughty.

I am wearing the new Natasha skin by Glance Skins. Pouty beautiful lips and gorgeous body as usual. the skin is one tone and 15 pretty make ups, from the simple and light, to dressy and dramatic. DEMO DEMO DEMO, and if Natasha isn’t all that and a bag of chips for you, then try on the other beautiful Glance skins.

Kookie last week released these fabulous pumps, the style is such a huge squee from me, based on the fact I have these exact shoes in a reddish black in RL, they are my favourite dress pants shoes, with incredibly high heels and platforms just like these. I was never able to find a pair like them again in RL, so to now have them in many colours makes me insanely happy. They are the perfect conservative look, with a non conservative adaptation.

You may notice I have one green lashes, really they are the same lashes I always wear, just tinted. the Diva lashes from LeLutka are all prim, no alpha and once fitted are sensational. Newdoll just converted after she noticed mine, and swears to never wanting to take them off, the great thing is that they are so easy to recolour, so you can go regular black or over the top hot pink, I used to love to wear green mascara in RL so that’s the way I went for the last few days.

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Picture :

Hair: Eliza <3 Fall, Jane <3 Fall, Mary <3 Fall – Rezipsa Loc

Skin: Natasha – Glance Skins

Clothes:  Poofy One sleeve – Rezipsa Loc

Denim Cut off Shorts – Tres Blah

Sheer Compliments Socks – Royal Blue


Sarja – Reale

Poofy One Sleeve – Rezipsa Loc


Safari Shorts – Fri.day

Poofy One Sleeve – Rezipsa Loc

Shoes/Boots: Vo Pumps – Kookie 


Ginger Belt – Nyte n Day

Jaydie Set – Essentia

Crescent Bag – BareRose

Lucid Belt – Fri.day

Lashes – LeLutka

Eyes by : Fusemelon

Poses by : Fri.day

Equipment Used:

VR Studio 3.0 and HUD and Library for location shootsVR Foundry Mainstore , VR Foundry @ The Deck