Yesterday I was able to explore the SL7B location. Every year it just gets bigger and bigger, and it is always lovely to see how many residents want to be involved. Every year I also wish there was more of a fashion presence there, and this year thanks to the Fashion Bloggers Group we have a small plot to show others what we do, which is great. I didn’t take pics, so you will have to look for it on your visit.

There was an awesome dedication to the sculptie, May 2007 is when it first was released and I cannot believe the incredible change it made in the grid and creative content. There were displays showing how Music is a huge part of SL, the University of Western Australia had a beautiful tribute to all those involved in making their campus what it is in SL. I felt that their words were a message to all.

There is an incredible amount of gifts, of which I left for another time, entertainment, and so many reasons to celebrate this incredible world in which we either spend most of our days, a few hours a week, or just visit when we have time. Whatever and however you are a resident, I truly think that SL7B is a place in which you can give thanks in your own special way, whether by taking it all in, or just letting others know it exists.

Press Release Info

Help us celebrate Second Life’s 7th Birthday!

Spanning 21 sims with over 700 contributors, over 300 exhibits, over 300 live performers and speakers with special speeches from Philip and M Linden, SL7B is a showcase for the accomplishments and content of all SL residents, celebrating the “life” of Second Life.

Sponsored by Linden Lab, this year’s theme is “Unexpected Collaborations,” a celebration of the unique character of our special world. With an emphasis on the social networks created through Second Life and the chances for creative and productive collaboration, the celebration will go on from June 21 through June 27

It started the first year as a parade through mainland sims, with Philip Linden giving a speech over their newly connected media stream. Each subsequent year it has become more elaborate, more spacious, more compelling as the technology of Second Life has increased and the creativity of the residents has bloomed. Enjoy with us this year live  musicians and DJs, exhibits, media-on-prim, and machinima.

This is the world we’ve made: let’s celebrate!

TP to SL7B