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I was feeling chocolatey tonight, has to do with having a headache probably…when all else fails crave something that will make it worse lol.

A few weeks ago G’field sent out some boots as a group gift, they were so pretty I had to go and grab some more, in wearable for me colours. I really like how they set up their shoes/boots, in mini packs of tones that work together at a saving, as well as being able to get in singles or a megapack. These are so lovely with everyday fashion, but have that total steampunk Victorian look down pat, that if you tend to go for theme dressing, they will come in handy for sure.

Some newness and older pieces mixed together. The League Thermal collection has been added to recently, and if you didn’t give it a go the first time, you should so totally go back and rethink it. The textures on these pieces are just so snuggly, and the skirts and tops mix so well together with other pieces, as shown here with the new Early morning cardigans by Fishy Strawberry. The cardigans come with or without shirt underneath in black, but I went for both with and without but with the added turtleneck in cashmere by BOOM.

The billy denim shorts are another new item from FS and they do come with a belt, but I opted for without this time around. The great thing about the belt though is that it comes in scripted or MOD versions which is just awesome.

I am a big fan of the clothing pallette of Miel, the colours they stick too work so well when blending their own items together, which just work so beautifully… but then you can also intersperse them with other items from elsewhere along the same spectrum. Such was the case with the newish Urbanity Camo high waisted skirt. The top from the Tulip set of Miels went so well with the Camo skirt I was very happy with the blend.

make the most of the cooler days, because everyone is going to be cranky with the heat, and all of us down here are going to be freezing in the cold, and yeah yeah it doesn’t get that cold according to you lot down here, but it doesn’t mean we don’t suffer and complain :p.

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Picture 1:


Mercy – Exile

Stitch Knit/Black/Piggies – Scribble

Sasha – Maitreya


AdrianaV2 – Glance


The Cashmere – BOOM

Early Morning Cardigan – Fishy Strawberry

Thermal Skirt, Thermal Long socks – League


Early Morning Cardigan w/shirt , Billy Denim Shorts– Fishy Strawberry


AM TULIP top – Miel

Highwaisted Camo Skirt – Urbanity


Short Lace Up Boots – G*field


Pretty Hands Long 01 – Page 3


Thaw – Fusemelon


Body Language SLC

Lashes  worn :

Volumen by LeLutka


VR Studio Posestand and HUD v3.0VR Foundry

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