VR Studio release notes

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UPDATE more incredible than before : I haven’t had a chance to do a real update post yet, but I wanted to make sure that those reading this post realise that there has been one, and all the improvements are INCREDIBLE.

VR Studio Kit

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Also the release notes :

What’s new in 3.0?

– Up to 250 libraries in one posestand.
– Libraries are created on the fly by loading animations into a prim generated by the posestand
– Sorted alphabetically
– Can be selected from either the posestand itself or through the HUD (use the “L” button)
– 2 formats for displaying library spheres from the posestand.
– Add or remove poses to a library at any time by changing the library prim inventory.
– Delete a library by unlinking it from the posestand and deleting the prim.

Pose Control
– 6 posestand channels (up from 4)
– click and hold on a posestand channel to disconnect from the linked posestand
– new quick recall button to quickly return to the previously displayed pose
– button layout improved
– sit position and rotation can be adjusted on the fly
– avatar moves, not the posestand
– new hud rotation ring allows for quick, accurate rotation changes
– new keyboard control options:
> full (same as before)
> abridged (only shift+L/R arrows to change poses)
> off
– spin now revolves in either direction with 2 speed settings

Photo Sphere/Lighting
– new color control system based on HSV allows for precise color adjustments
– sphere and lights rez higher over the posestand (posestand is no longer inside the sphere)
– sphere and lights rez in correct place when posestand is tilted.
– fixed issue causing spere to fail to initialize under some circumstances when region hadn’t been restarted recently.

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– 6 memory presets (up from 4)
– new “quick lock” button creates a camera preset (independant of posestand links) with a single click
– click and hold a memory button for half a second to clear it
– camera position now saved and recalled relative to the active linked posestand if it is in the same sim
– help button for quick access to feature explanations

– Version 3.0 checks for updates automatically from anywhere on the grid, so you’ll get any updates immediately!
– Future stand updates will include an updater tool for the scripts in your existing stand making updates painless.

– the HUD now has an idle script time of 0.042ms (less than half of the 2.x HUDs)
– reduced the number of scripts in the posestand base

Builder’s Poses
– now includes a library called “Builder’s Poses” with 7 animations useful for building and animation testing avatar accessories

New Tool: no copy hunter
Some people have run into the issue that they accidentally put a no copy animation into a posestand which had thousands of animations in it, thus making the entire posestand no copy. Trying to scroll through thousands of animations to find the one or two that are no copy takes an eternity and is usualy fruitless. I’m including a script which you can drop into a library that will check the permissions of all its animations. When it finds a no copy animation, you can either have it give the animation back to you, delete it, or ignore it.

Isn’t that AWESOME, and if you have a previous one you can update by going to either the VR Foundry Main Store or VR Foundry @ The Deck wear your stand and or hud and a new one will be sent to you , easy .