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I should never mix redbull and berocca, I know I shouldn’t but I cannot help but get carried away. But then, like now I feel high… and I am going to have to make this a quickie.

A trench or any kind of coat of this caliber is always a MUST HAVE, it really doesn’t even matter that it is summer, this is the kind of coat you can work anywhere at anytime. It is a lot to do with what goes underneath, and even in summer you have those cool nights spent out on the town, that can get instantly cold as you teeter home on 6inch heels at 4am – not that I would know anything about that , usually I take my shoes off :P.

The coat is brand spanking new from DeLa and as usual just gorgeous, coming in a variety of colours that just work your inventory perfectly. The dress I am wearing with I have had to blog for months – argh – I have lost and refound it now three times, but this week I anchored it down so I wouldn’t lose it again.

The style is pure sexy, with the slightly rounded sides and a thin line going up the sides. The gathered effect is just great, and there are lots of layer options, even including bustier and panties, and trust me these are ALMOST the tiniest panties I have ever seen. But the fun part is in the fact that there is a ‘hot’ version of the top as in it comes down lower and reveals what you will never see lol.

But what I love about that, with it coming on all layers, you can combine different colours to get different contrast looking dresses, as shown on the right, by combining the undershirt layer in the red with the shirt layer in the ‘hot’ black I got another whole dress, and if I did the same in reverse, again another whole dress…so if you buy two you get four.

The hair I am wearing is a new style by Tiny Bird, have you seen the most adorable packs they have of hair now, the full colour range pack comes as a nest you hold, and each individual pack is eggs you click on. SO perfect for those that want all, but don’t want to unpack all at once. The new textures are just great, and this style is as are the other new ones, perfect for those girly days.

I have to admit if I was teetering home on these shoes, I would try very hard not to take them off, because they is sexxxxxy with their fringeynessness and all the others bits and pieces that make them a wonderful going out heel to have.

Ok thats me out, I am starting to sway as I type. Bouncesssssss to B.B.B.Bed  lol the aussies will get that. I always type way too much when I saw it’s a quickee lol.

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Picture 1:

Hair: Fistful of Roses – Tiny Bird

Skin: Fabia – BeBae

Clothes: Draped Dress – Acid & Mala

Trench Coat Anne – DeLa

Shoes/Boots: Formenteranight – YS & YS


Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon

Poses/Animations: Persona

Lashes usually worn : Volumen by LeLutka

Equipment: VR Studio Posestand and HUD v3.0VR Foundry

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