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I wanted to do the Blogger Challenge that Sophia Harlow put forth a few days ago. I was brought into world by a Vampire, no shit it’s true. A friend of mine who used to be a Yahoo regular, had shown us on and off Second Life through his webcam…I know I have pretty much told this story before.

Anywho, he eventually just stopped yahooing, and made a life and family for himself in Second Life, in a Vampire Clan, from what I know – don’t bite me if I am wrong – the original Vampire Clan at Transylvania Sim. So when he finally got me to sign up, and then wait until I got adsl – yes I totally signed up on dial up and waited for ten whole days impatiently to get in . I even admit to trying to do the orientation part on dial up lol.

But the day came ADSL was up, and I IM’d him in Yahoo and he met me at the gate – back then residents were not allowed near Orientation walk. He was not alone, he had four others with him , one of which was Baya who I am still friends with today. She was actually wearing what I have on in the picture on the right.

In 30 minutes I kid you not I was made over from the system hair and jeans and jersey shirt. I hadn’t even learned to turn my camera yet to even know what my face looked like, I only have the memory from seeing others. I had a new skin, hair – which the girls tried to get me to delete recently and I refused – ha seeee I needed it.

When I signed up we got money. If you registered using a C/C so that they had real info on you, you got paid 370+L I am thinking it was 374 because I remember thinking that was so random and odd, but now I think it had more to do with the value of the dollar.

JC took me to Ruins a then INCREDIBLE store, I still cherish all my Ruins outfits…which was owned by one of his ‘Brother Vampires” yeah all so technical and stuff. He eventually left SL with his GF and lived happily ever after – he was really awesome actually, he used to donate most of the money from all his sales to charity , but didn’t actually broadcast it.

The parallax View store was also part of the store, they shared space back then, and I was in love with these shoes, at the time they were HOT HOT HOT, I even got another pair in black as part of a modeling gig – but that was my second day in world, and I know I have told that story.

I was really excited to see some random shapes in my inventory Sasy folder the other day, and looking back today I found one that was sept that same year, I didn’t finish tweaking until early 2007 really, so this is about as old looking as I could get…I actually used to save in numbers and this was number 10, but I would change a slider two numbers and save a new one, so that doesn’t mean much lol.

Anyway, even though you cannot get anything from my before pic, except maybe the hair which is still at Panache as a New Resident hair for only 5L in all colours. I still love that dress, and I wont ever delete the shoes.

Thanks Sophia this was fun….

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Picture 1:

Hair: Part of Estelle Skin – LeLutka

Skin: Estelle – LeLutka

Clothes: Fantasy Dress – VR Foundry

Shoes/Boots: Shanti – Maitreya

Accessories: Hair Rose – Essentia

Eyes: Thaw – Fusemelon


Lashes usually worn : Volumen by LeLutka

Equipment: VR Professional Posestand and HUDVR Foundry

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